#170 Podcasting for Writers Without Wasting Your Time – Self Publishing Podcast


Johnny, Sean, and Dave welcome guests Jerod Morris of Copyblogger and podcaster Jon Nastor. Together, they host a podcast called Showrunners, and a course of the same name that teaches all about podcasting.

      • Dave is a terrible, terrible monster, and his son will grow up to hate him.
      • Guests Jon and Jerod talk about how to take an existing podcast, refresh it, and hit New and Noteworthy *again.* (And how you can, too!)
      • Mistakes authors make when deciding to start a podcast, and the distraction that can kill your writing.
      • Best ways for writers to attract an audience to their podcast: entertainment, education, and inspiration. (Hint: You don’t have to choose just one!)
      • Patience is a virtue, even in podcasting. How patient should you be in building an audience? Jon and Jerod give their take on it.
      • One key tip for podcasting: be the filter for your audience, and it has NOTHING to do with perfect execution.
      • Think your first podcast will be the one you’re known for? Think you know New and Noteworthy? Think again.


  1. i like the new logo, but what’s up with that wooden background? Is it a woodshed podcast ? 🙂

  2. FYI the audio file is last week’s SPP episode.

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