#172 Balancing Efficiency and Effectiveness – Self Publishing Podcast

Self Publishing Podcast

It’s really tempting when you’re just starting out to try to do everything yourself, but this is the worst thing when you’re trying to balance efficiency and effectiveness in your workload. From creating your own website, cover designs, even editing your own manuscript, these are mistakes that don’t just cost you money in the form of your time. They can cost you book sales. If you’re serious about your future as a writer, or an artist in general, what’s keeping you from investing in your future?

  • A new way to read screenplays that doesn’t involve awkward Kindle sideways scrolling.
  • Vacations – Don’t CHEAT yourself! Take time to reset your mind. Also, Sean advises to NOT go on vacation
    where a lot of people know you.
  • What is YOUR time worth? Think you’re saving money by doing that cover design yourself? Not really.
    Consider outsourcing small tasks to free yourself up to do what you’re best at – creating! (But don’t
    make THE most tempting mistake when dealing with your audience.)
  • Sneak peek of Sterling and Stone’s April Fools’ joke for next year.
  • Know what you want, and connect with your team. But understand that what you want isn’t what they want.
    Especially when it comes to geeking out on technical manuals.
  • Dave rants at people who ask questions, then argue with the advice they just asked for.
  • So with all the free time you get from outsourcing, this is what you should do with those 30 hours


  1. Riffing off of Johnny’s thoughts about print formatting:

    Casting my vote for a SPP on print formatting specifically. What fonts are best for what genre? What font size is best? How thick should your book be? How is back and front matter best utilized to move your audience down your funnel?

    I have so many questions!

  2. Hi There – in your last couple podcasts you mention a series of podcasts on itunes called Story Shop – so I finally signed up for itunes just because of you guys mentioning this series (usually I listen/watch via youtube) and but I go to your itunes page I cannot find the story shop podcasts listed anywhere – how do I find them?? Thanks 🙂

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