#175 How to Write Better Stories Faster – Self Publishing Podcast

Self Publishing Podcast

Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave give you a sneak peek at the content in their upcoming 9 episode discussion series, StoryShop. From character to plot, and setting to outlining, find out what it takes to make an indie author successful by writing better stories faster. Learn to outline your novels using Scrivener!

        • Something cool: The London Book Fair, SPP is front page New & Noteworthy for iTunes!
        • The overview of writing better and faster? Planning. And it’s not just for collaborators.
        • What beats are, and how the guys use them together, and writing solo.
        • When you’re brainstorming, or showering, don’t freak out if you forget an idea. It’ll come back.
        • Plot and Character, and why your characters can be real jerks when it comes to sticking to your outline.
        • Research is absolutely necessary, and can absolutely derail you.
        • Characters matter – if you don’t care if a character dies, then what is the real value of the stakes involved?
        • How great settings can be characters, and techniques to make it ‘lived in.’
        • Building the Outline: taking character, setting, plot, and incorporate it into a super-effective planning tool.


  1. Hey guys, the /podcasts/ link still isn’t live and I can’t find any of your new shows in Overcast (aside from SPP 2.0), you say in today’s episode that it should all be live… what happened?

  2. Where can we find the StoryShop podcast you guys talked about?

  3. Congratulations on finally getting the new theme up and running. Looking great.
    Checked out all the introductions for the new shows, and I’m looking forward to following you on this new journey 🙂

  4. Your old intro used to mention “Goth’s in trees”, how about “Goats in trees”?


    I saw this and thought of you guys, Just had to share

  5. When is the app going to be available? I’m so excited for it!!!

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