#179 Advanced Product Funnels To Sell More Books

Self Publishing Podcast

Funnels can be something of a mystery, especially since strategies and algorithms change rapidly in the self-publishing industry. Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave talk about how to make advanced product funnels that will help you sell more books.

  • Something cool: soundtracks made for books, Sean’s something opposite of cool, Dave follows suit.
  • How if the funding falls through, there will be NO STORYSHOP! Find out how you can help!
  • Johnny has a special treat today… it’s not brownies. It’s the best ad read ever.
  • How offering ‘free’ books has changed over the years, and the problems that have developed with that tactic.
  • Using podcasts as funnel starters, and things to consider before doing a podcast.
  • Listbuilding is the strategy that makes BookBub less important; find out why!
  • Unique ways to build lists, and why you must ‘trim the tribe.’
  • Nick Stephenson’s strategy the guys are using on Invasion that is a little backwards, but keeps your list active and engaged.
  • Ever considered giving a new list member an IOU for an upcoming book for free? Here’s how.
  • How do you make sure your offer is in alignment with who you are and what you’re doing? You need to think critically about the message you’re sending to your reader.

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  1. Thank guys, this one is just what I needed today. I’ve got about 10 projects that are about 25% done, and I’m thinking of whether I want to finish writing them all first or just publish what I have as intros/serials. My main issue is that I have a massive launch strategy planned, publicity, getting reviews, etc, but I don’t really want to do all of that for just a “part one” book, rather than the omnibus that will come later. But I could put out the pieces as I go and use them for listbuilding. Have you found any optimal division points/lengths? I was thinking about 20K each, four or five parts. When you say “sequel” – you’re still publishing in shorter chunks, right – so you end on a cliff hanger instead of a complete story arc with a satisfying resolution, etc?

    • Hey Derek,

      This is one of the questions we get asked MOST. And there is no answer. Among our serials we have episodes that are 7500, 12000, 15000, 20000, 25000, 30000, etc. Know your story, because each one is different. Pricing is an issue. I wouldn’t publish anything less than 25K if you want to charge 2.99, but there is no optimal point as far as story, it just depends on the story itself.

  2. I would love more refresher casts that are along these lines.

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