About Garrett Robinson

Garrett is a long-time Sterling & Stone buddy and the author of such works as the Nightblade and Realm Keepers series. You can find him on his website, GarrettBRobinson.com, or follow him on Twitter. He also has a Patreon page where you can contribute to all the free art he produces every week, in exchange for free copies of his ebooks.

I’m on Timeout (and so is Nuts & Bolts)

Hey guys, Garrett here. You might have noticed this is the second week in a row that there’s no Nuts & Bolts video on the S&S YouTube channel/blog today. That’s entirely my bad, and a situation Sean wanted to avoid when I first brought the idea of the series to him. Basically, I’ve worked with […]

5 Simple Steps To Get 50 Amazon Reviews In A Month

As indie authors, we live or die based on reviews. Most times, it seems, we die. If you have a book out, you know how hard it is to get people to review it. Even people who love you. You might have published your debut novel and then asked all your Facebook friends and your […]

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #7: How to Use Scrivener Collections

Welcome to the seventh part of the Sterling & Stone Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts video series for self-publishers. Scrivener Collections are an extremely powerful tool when it comes to formatting your book in different formats, and learning how to use them will make your life much, much easier when it comes to publishing. You can […]

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #6: How to Format Back Matter in Scrivener

Welcome to the sixth part of the Sterling & Stone Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts video series for self-publishers. Back Matter is even MORE important to your book than Front Matter. Back Matter helps you guide your reader to their first action after finishing your book—up to and including buying your next book or signing up […]

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #4: How to Use Scrivener (The Basics)

Welcome to the fourth part of the Sterling & Stone Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts video series for self-publishers. Scrivener is, at this time, the best word processing software for self-published authors. This is the first of many tutorials about Scrivener, and within this video you’ll learn the basic organizing steps you need to take before […]

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #3: Cost of Self-Publishing

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO SELF-PUBLISH A BOOK? The Cost of Self-Publishing When you want to publish your own book, often times the question is not HOW to self publish, but how much it will COST. The cost of self-publishing is a remarkably grey area, with some authors claiming one figure and other authors claiming […]

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #2:

Today’s Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts video covers a professional self-published author’s general education. This video series means to teach you HOW to do the successful actions that will lead to self-publishing success. But within this specific video, we’ll list all the learning resources you need to learn WHY you need to do them. If you’re a […]

Authorpreneur: Nuts & Bolts

Welcome to The Smarter Artist: Authorprenur Nuts & Bolts Series. I’m Garrett Robinson, and if you don’t already know who I am, I’m little more than an Self-Publishing Podcast superfanboy who muscled himself into a full-time career as an author. I started listening to the show right before it passed its one-year mark, and soon after […]