A Temptation in Time: Author’s Note

I’ve always viewed time with an abject sense of resentment. On one hand, I suppose I should be grateful for what I have, and one of the things I have is time. I’ve had a number of years in my life up to this point, and hope to have many more in the future. Now that […]

What do You Regret?

Lexi gives us a long, heartfelt and very real look into her creative process in writing A Temptation in Time. As you can tell from the title of the post, the main topic is “Regrets.” Do you have regrets? Do you believe in a “no regrets” lifestyle? Can there really be such a thing? Are some regrets better left in the past, forever mysteries that you’ll idly wonder about years later? Lexi expertly navigates all these questions and more. But this post does more. It also gives us a peek into how Lexi creates stories and characters, how her starting a new book is much like embarking on an exciting, mysterious, and often risky adventure, a journey that could lead virtually anywhere. Fascinating stuff, for readers and writers alike!

This is Why Erotica Readers Are Happier People

Lexi tells us why people read erotica and why more people should. Her view on sex is honest and straightforward, and the way she views your craft, as well as sex and life, is very refreshing. In this post, she tells just a little more of her story, as well as where she’d like to see erotica go in the future. If you’ve been wondering what Johnny and Sean saw in Lexi to invite her into the S&S fold, this post can probably answer it all.

The Slutty Little Mermaid: Excerpt

The guys won’t let me post anything from Snow White & the Seven Kinky Dwarves — my favorite of the three Filthy Fairy Tales because that one is just too naughty. They also won’t let me post the complete first chapter of The Slutty Little Mermaid, but after some cajoling they let me run with the first part. YAY for […]

Introducing Filthy Fairy Tales

I love, love, LOVE the hybrid nature of my filthy fairy tales. They are stupid, funny and gonzo, while also being sexy as fuck, super-sweet, and even sort of romantic. The fantasy in a fairytale allows us as writers to suspend rationality in a way that makes it easy for a reader to shed their mental inhibitions. […]

This is Who I Am

“But Lexi Maxxwell isn’t real.” That was what one of my best girlfriends (one of the few I can tell about Lexi) said after I shared a particularly soul wrenching piece of writing. I had to read it several times before I was wiling to share it. I cried most of those times. I cried when I wrote it, […]

8 Questions with Lexi Maxxwell

Please tell us a bit about yourself. I keep a low profile on purpose (my mom and dad don’t know about “Lexi” and wouldn’t approve!), so I’ll have to answer this kinda sideways. Let’s just say that I’m a girl who’s on the youngish side (but not as young as I used to be) who […]

Together Apart: An Excerpt

Present Day Sam paced the bathroom, certain of three things. First, time meant more than it had at any moment before. Two more minutes would make a world of difference to her life, both of their lives. In two minutes, if she’d get around to taking the goddamned test, her future (their future) would fork […]

Together Apart: An Author’s Note

Back when Together Apart was still called Divorced (yes, once upon a time I thought that was a good name for the book) my cover designer had a fantastic, very solid idea for this book. It would show a photograph torn down the middle, with a woman (that would be Sam) on one side of the tear and a […]