Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #6: How to Format Back Matter in Scrivener

Welcome to the sixth part of the Sterling & Stone Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts video series for self-publishers.

Back Matter is even MORE important to your book than Front Matter. Back Matter helps you guide your reader to their first action after finishing your book—up to and including buying your next book or signing up for your email list.

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We aim to make this series the best single resource for self-published authors to learn HOW to publish their books, so help us out by telling us what YOU want to know in the comments.


About Garrett Robinson

Garrett is a long-time Sterling & Stone buddy and the author of such works as the Nightblade and Realm Keepers series. You can find him on his website,, or follow him on Twitter. He also has a Patreon page where you can contribute to all the free art he produces every week, in exchange for free copies of his ebooks.


  1. What happened to #5?

  2. I know this isn’t the right spot for this, but where is FU 1.5 going to be broadcasting from? The original FU site? The S&S site? Some other site? Just wondering.

  3. Charles Tutt says:

    Great info. I’d really like to have in in text format as well so I can refer to it as I’m producing my Scrivener content. Pausing and backing up and re-playing video is VERY inefficient and annoying.

  4. Unfortunately this didn’t help me. My issue is that my back matter is getting chapter titles and forced formatting like new paragraphs. I just want to list my contact info. Anyone have help for that?

    • Hi Kyle, I think I can help. Under the Compile menu you’ll need to check the “As Is” for those sections that you don’t want chapter titles. That will then not apply the formatting under the “Formatting” section of Compile.

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