Authorpreneur’s Almanac #12

Authorpreneurs Almanac

This one is important.

We have several initiatives coming up that will help to prepare and define our coming year, and it’s important (if not essential) that we properly lay the planks to the floor we’ll be walking across for a while.

Today’s Almanac is all about mission statements. Why we need them, how to get them right, and our first stab at getting them down. As with everything we’ll iterate over time. But it’s important to start from somewhere.

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About Sean Platt

Sean Platt is an author entrepreneur, founder of Sterling & Stone, and co-founder of the Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints. Follow him on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.


  1. I love these mission statements. They give you focus and intent. Great job.

  2. Sean these are amazing. Out of curiosity do your prefer to these this way, or would you like to present in person to the other guys?

    Personally, this way seems better, because it allows the guys to chew on the ideas for a while before coming back to you.

    I’m thinking of doing a 2-3 of these videos for myself. Private. Simply to clarify in my own mind what direction I’m going in.

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