Authorpreneur’s Almanac #22

Authorpreneurs Almanac

Happy New Year!

The Almanac was one of the most interesting things we did last year as a company.

This year it will be even more exciting, as we go from good to great.

Last year’s word was iterative, this year’s — even though Dave makes fun of us — is optimize. We’ve already started to (slowly) optimize our catalogue, and are already seeing results. This is very exciting.

We’ll dig deeper into those details soon. For now I wanted to start the year off by answering the questions left in last year’s final Almanac (as gathered by Amy).

Enjoy, and see you here next week with a big update on how our social media initiatives are unfolding.

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About Sean Platt

Sean Platt is an author entrepreneur, founder of Sterling & Stone, and co-founder of the Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints. Follow him on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.


  1. Sean said in one of the videos that S&S wants to sell directly from the site. But no where is there a page that lists ALL your books??? I’m a Platinum Reader, so I have access to all your new stuff. But what if I was new to you guys and stumbled onto the S&S site? You guys should have a single page that lists ALL the S&S books, with links to individual book pages. PLUS a page under each imprint that lists that imprint’s books with links to individual book pages. Right now, I can’t find ANY of your older stuff on the site!!!

  2. These videos where you answer specific questions are great! Since they’re visible to the ones with the link only, how about a page with either all the videos, or a list of short questions, linking to the individual videos (or start with all the videos, and when the page gets too long, you can divide them into sections on subpages, depending on their category 🙂

    Even thought I have seen every video, it would be hard to know where to find the answer in a year from now, should I want to do so.

    And thanks for starting my monday off with a big smile 🙂

    • Awesome idea, Anita 🙂 And totally goes along w/ Sean’s word of the year — Optimize!

      I’ll add it to the list!

    • Hey Anita, I’m making a lot of these videos right now, and each one will (eventually) be transcribed and posted with copy and a video. Just have to wait a bit.

      • Thank you Amy & Sean, that’s awesome! It’s not a problem right now (really, it’s not a problem at all, just luxury), but I could imagine how it would be a year from now. Or five years from now.

        I know some answers might not be as relevant in five years, as they are right now, but still. Lots of them will be. The first episodes of SPP still works for most of the (non-)advice you’re giving, and this will be the same.

        A great idea to have them transcribed too 😀

        What IS a problem, is that I can’t edit my comments, even though I’m logged in. Going crazy by watching my own typos and too-tired-to-write-comments – LOL!

        Have a great day both of you =)

  3. Wade Finnegan says:

    Thanks Sean for answering my questions, much appreciated.

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