Authorpreneur’s Almanac #25: Sean’s Average Work Day

Authorpreneurs Almanac

Hey there, and happy Sunday.

I made another video for today, this one detailing my current schedule.

Amy suggested that I record something where I articulate a day in the life kind of behind the scenes. I’m doing a ton, and it’s probably great to get a peek behind the veil.

Great idea.

I didn’t pick a specific day, but did outline my current schedule, with all it’s present flexibility.

I hope it helps!

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About Sean Platt

Sean Platt is an author entrepreneur, founder of Sterling & Stone, and co-founder of the Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints. Follow him on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.


  1. Just listening to that schedule tuckered me out!
    Very impressive the amount you squeeze in.

  2. Busy schedule, but that’s not surprising. You get a lot of work done.

    But getting up so early in the morning?
    I’m much more like Dave. Getting up early is no small feat, and it’s even worse, to go to bed early. But for the past two months, I have managed to get up at 7am every day, all week (except for two days so far). I’m worse in the other end, sometimes ending up reading until 2.30, and then it’s really hard to get up at 7. But now it’s a rhythm, and I do feel I get more done. So yay.

    I have read about the thing with the 25 minutes blocks (and other variants like it). Not sure I can see the benefit of doing it that way. Why not just schedule in 3 hours of this, two hours of that etc? Of course, whatever works for the individual is the right way to go, but I’m sure there’s a reason for the 25 minutes thing. Perhaps you can explain that in one of your short Q&A videos 🙂

  3. Wade Finnegan says:

    I like how self-aware you’ve become. Time slips away from me more than I would like. I also like the fact that you shared fails because we often get discouraged thinking we are the only one having difficulties.

  4. This is really insightful.
    I’m going to try the 5am model to cut in some productivity in the morning before I have to get my son ready for school and myself ready for the day job.
    I did this for NaNo this past Nov. And it was the really helpful.
    I’m like you: the first week or so, I won’t get anything done. I have to get used to the change first, develope the routine and eliminate distractions (checking email/twitter/forums) before I can really make use of that time.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Do you guys like the video updates? I’m really digging doing them.

    • I love them soooo much! I wish all the content were in video – haha 😀

      I love reading too, but I can consume a lot more with videos, since I can work while listening, and glance over at the other screen, if you’re showing something. Most of the time you’re just talking, so that works perfect for me.

      So thank you!

    • Joseph Medina says:

      I like them a lot.

  6. David Delaney says:

    Nice discipline… I guess that’s the driving force behind you guys. Thanks for sharing, it’s pretty inspiring.

  7. Dale Szewczyk says:

    I actually look up to your ability to write 2K in an hour. I wish I could. I don’t get writing in every day, life keeps throwing me curve balls. But I am writing more than I am not. I usually get 700-2K done in a day. I am slowly getting there. Then I am learning how to write White Papers on top of that. So I appreciate you sharing, because I take what works from anyone who masters their day. Applause for you! I like how you think, and we do think a lot alike, so I really listen to your ideas.

    Have a good one, my friend!

  8. Dale Szewczyk says:

    Here’s the post that talks about the blocks. It is free and is software that blocks out your distracting sites. And you can change the amount of time.

  9. Gerald Hornsby says:

    I found in last year’s NaNoWriMo that I work best writing in half hour Word Wars. What I would do is, with some online friends, set up some times. Then, on the hour, we’d write for 30 minutes, check in, then write again on the next hour. This gives you half an hour for non-writing stuff in between times.
    If you’re a reasonable typist, 2k/hr is very possible if you know what you’re going to write, and you have your writing well-planned.
    Thanks for the video, Sean. Really interesting.

  10. Love the video updates! And you sir are THE best dad on the planet, love that!

    Thanks from sharing the secret sauce. Keep the vids coming.

  11. Megan Applegate says:

    I get stupid around dinner time, too!!!! Loved the glimpse into your workday. Thanks!

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