Authorpreneur’s Almanac #26: Social Media Update

Authorpreneurs Almanac

You’ll notice how many of the Almanac’s lately have been Tara’s social media updates.

That’s because A) We’re knee-deep in a LOT of optimization stuff right now that we’ll be sharing with you shortly and B) she’s really kicking ass at it, and it’s awesome to see her document the process (which she’ll be training someone on the S&S Team to take over soon).

Enjoy the next video. And as always, take what works for you now and file the rest in your noggin in case you ever need it in the future.

NOTE: You won’t be able to see the meat of this Almanac if you’re not a Sterling and Stone Starter. You can become one by clicking here. It’s quick, easy, and (my favorite) completely free! If you already are a Starter and you’re seeing this message, chances are you need to log in.

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Sean Platt is an author entrepreneur, founder of Sterling & Stone, and co-founder of the Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints. Follow him on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.


  1. Thanks for the awesome update!
    This is a great analysis. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Great update!

    I was sitting here swearing about why I didn’t know about The Smarter Artist Facebook page, until I searched for it, and realized I had already been invited to like it – lol πŸ˜€ Must have been good at staying off Facebook, since I hadn’t noticed.

    It’ll be really interesting to see an update in 3 or 6 months time, to see how it’s going, and whether you feel it’s worth the work, to maintain so many things. I would clearly be lazy, and just have the Sterling & Stone page, CI + R&S pages. But you seem to be getting some results from all of the different places, so that’s good =)

    Love Tara, btw.
    She’s all business and no bullshit.

  3. Tara Jacobsen says:

    Hehehe… nobody has time for the BS!!!…:) Glad you are enjoying the updates!!!

  4. I understand that you don’t really care about the number of likes that a page post gets, so what do you care about on those posts?

    I’m assuming this is for some sort of funnel, where facebook peeps do ‘something’ that others not following the page will still see, leading friends of friends to the page, then to the newsletter signup?

    Is there a flowchart? πŸ˜€

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