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Happy Sunday!

As promised, here are the video answers to your questions from last week.

If your answer isn’t here, then it came in late Friday night after I recorded these answers. I’ll either answer in the comments from last week’s post, or add it to my next batch of videos.

There are some great questions here.


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  1. A bit late, but… You’ve worked in a lot of genres now (Sci-fi, Horror, etc), and tried out lots of styles of book (Serials, stand alones, etc), but is there a type of story/book you’ve not yet touched that you’re interested in tackling? Or even something you already have tried that you want to delve even more into?

  2. I agree on the cliffhanger vs teaser, but either way can work. In some ways a teaser can BE the cliffhanger when you’ve tidied up much of the problem, but want a hint that things are not as tidy as they might seem to the characters.

    OR, you can do a teaser like at the end of the Marvel/Avengers movies, where you’re hinting at something coming that’s not been part of the story, but lets the reader know that something exciting is coming or gives them that sinking feeling. It doesn’t have to even be part of the cliffhanger, since we all know the story goes on, we just don’t what else is coming.

    You could even hint that things are about the get real with a character who’s been a lower priority so far.

  3. Love these short videos with Q&A’s.
    Thanks for all the great answers.

  4. Ember Casey says:

    I’ve totally been binge-reading/watching all the Smarter Artists posts, and I just wanted to say I love how open you are about all the things you’re trying! It definitely makes me ponder a few marketing/launch experiments of my own.

    I’m also not really sure where KU fits into my current plan. I’m in a slightly unusual situation where Amazon only makes up about 47% of my total sales, so launching something in KU, even for only 90 days, probably wouldn’t work for me (at my last launch, it took the book about three days longer to go live at iBooks than it did anywhere else, and I had quite a few emails about it, haha.) Right now the plan is to keep writing so I have more content to experiment with. 🙂

  5. Monica Leonelle says:

    Thank you for answering my question(s)!

  6. Lou Mindar says:

    Thanks for the answer, Sean!

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