Authorpreneur’s Almanac #31: Sean’s January Reading List

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READ A LOT, WRITE A LOT–that’s the advice Stephen King gives writers in his epic autobiography/how to, On Writing. If anyone made fun of Sean about not having time to read books before, they definitely don’t have a leg to stand on now. After the great response from Sean’s last “what I’ve been reading” Almanac, and the great fun Sean had making the video, we’re bringing you a January update.

And holy cow–Sean read/listened to 18 books in one month!

So enjoy the video below, and like last time, there’s the list of books with links under that, so you can click through to Amazon and check out the books you think you’d like to try. (I personally just fattened up my t0-be-read list now; thanks Sean!)

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  1. Ember Casey says:

    Oh man, I feel like such a slacker when it comes to reading, haha. I’m also sort of ashamed that, as a romance author, I haven’t read Ugly Love or anything else by Colleen Hoover. And ah, the Elements of Style!! Brings me back to my high school English classes, haha.

    And I’m clearly behind the times a little, but I didn’t realize you were planning to write a screenplay! When I was teaching myself how to plot, I read a TON of screenwriting books–I found their plot rules/suggestions “clicked” a lot better for me than similar books for novelists. I’m also a huge, huge fan of the Scriptnotes Podcast–even though I have no particular plans to write a screenplay myself, I’m still interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff in the entertainment industry as a whole, and their on-going Three Page Challenge series is super fun to listen to.

  2. Has anyone read The Elements of F&cking Style: A helpful parody?

  3. Just got done reading Sandstorm by James Rollins. Pretty good. I’m at about 6 books this month, so i’ve made up my KU spend at least.

  4. Connie Myres says:

    Thanks for the helpful commentary on the books in your reading list. I just bought the one about book cover design. I create my own covers and they are . . . not so great. Fonts and colors choices are two things I struggle with, along with everything else. πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to your opinions next month.

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