Day Four

HOLY CRAP! Today’s session was amazing. TODAY IS WHERE THE STORY BEGINS. Today, you’ll get to see us take the mishmash we’ve been rolling between our hands for three days and turn it into a bona-fide story. Before the meeting began, Sean wrote the “pre-beats” or “story synopsis” for the new project — something he’d […]

Day Three

Yesterday, we began the post by saying “today was a mess.” Well, yesterday had nothing on today. Today, there are TWO (count ’em … two!) videos for you to peruse. WARNING: The first video is a lot of wheel-spinning and ends on an inconclusive note, so you may choose to skip it. Our first meeting […]

Day Two

Today was a mess, just as it should be. By the end of today’s video you’ll be wondering OHMYGODHOWARETHEYGOINGTOGETANYTHINGFROMTHAT? But we will. This is all part of the process. Today was a big, giant idea day. Tomorrow we’ll dig deeper into story. We didn’t really get to genre, or story. There were just too many […]

Day One

After the longest wait in the history of ever, we finally have our Day One Video! So exciting. Shockingly, after a meandering start (like you expected anything else) we started talking story world and managed to stay at two hours. That was our scheduled time, but we all figured we’d go a lot longer than that. This […]

Day Zero

Procedures and How This Will Work ATTENTION PARTICIPANTS, CLICK HERE TO VOTE Whew! Tomorrow is the day … DAY ONE of Fiction Unboxed! To say we’re excited is a bit of an understatement. To say that we’re nervous? Well, that’s also true. (But at least it’s not an understatement.) We wanted to record a video […]

Day Zero Minus Eight

This Feels as Big as It is Yippee skippee Unboxers, we did it. Mostly you. Our hardest part is yet to come. For the most part you’ll get to sit back and watch, maybe throw things at Dave, or gasp at my giant beak (I didn’t know it was that big!). If you saw yesterday’s […]

Day Zero Minus Ten

Welcome to the Unboxing It’s May 21, 2014. The Fiction Unboxed campaign ends tomorrow. The project starts its new life here. We’re so excited. The campaign has been a lot of fun, but slightly too long. We’re eager to get on with your story. We’ve been working our faces off to get this site live […]

7 Reasons Why Most Authors Fail

Now that the Self Publishing Podcast has been around for a while (old enough to drink and sell sexual favors, in podcast years), we’re beginning to notice some definite trends. We focused on a lot of the things that work in our self publishing book Write. Publish. Repeat, but it’s time to turn things around […]

Interview: Lexi Maxxwell

Please tell us a bit about yourself. (We were going to write bios, but I prefer to let people talk about themselves and share the most relevant stuff). When did you decide to become a writer, and why? What is your writing routine like? (include tools used, space you work at, music you listen to, […]

How to Start Self-Publishing: SPP #1

In The Self-Publishing Podcast’s inaugural episode, after more attempts to make our setup work than we can count, and after Sean continuing to battle with whatever is wrong technology-wise at his house, we eventually were able to get down to business and talk about some of the ways to begin your self-publishing journey. We talked […]