Fat Vampire 5: Fatpocalypse

The story of Reginald — the world’s slowest, weakest, most out-of-shape vampire — continues in the fifth and penultimate installment of the FAT VAMPIRE satire series…

The new vampire president and his genocidal right-hand man have been playing a dangerous game with the humans over the past six months. In the public eye, the two races appear to be at peace… but the situation below the surface is hot enough to boil. And while the untrusting humans mass their defenses, vampire armies have been building to match them — with plans to exterminate the planet’s current inhabitants, saving only a handful of blood slaves.

Reginald, Nikki, Maurice, and the others bunkered in at Maurice’s estate, meanwhile, have found themselves in the middle of a no-win scenario. Is it better to fight with the fanged armies in the vampire revolution? Or should they turn traitors — and risk extermination by their makers — in order to protect the humans?

But just as the cold war outside is about to turn hot, Reginald’s unmatched vampire brain reveals the existence of an artifact that could predict the outcome of the coming war — and maybe even a way to stop it. The only problem is that nobody knows where the artifact is… and when full-fledged war then breaks out and mass slaughter begins on both sides, it seems that time may have run out.

Fat Vampire 5 is the biggest, bloodiest, most snack-filled installment in the Fat Vampire series so far, and sets the stage for the sixth book’s epic series-ender — a conclusion so big you’ll want to unbuckle your belt and push back from the dinner table.


“Truly original and a very fun, witty take on the “done to death” vampire story.”

“If Eric Northman ever gets staked, Reginald Baskin will be my new favorite vampire.”

“Got the book just before bed… Next thing I knew it was the wee hours of the night… It was impossible to put down.”

It’s time to redefine horror novellas and vampire humor! Fat Vampire is equal parts satire, horror, and adventure. Unbuckle your belt and have your fill!

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