Some Doors Should Never be Opened

A mother gone missing …

A desperate family in turmoil, offered a second chance …

A forbidden room where terrible secrets are screaming to be heard …

When Scott Dawson’s wife, Holly, disappears, leaving her family at the brink of bankruptcy, the last thing Scott expects is a helping hand from nowhere, a rich and never before mentioned Uncle Alastair.

Uncle Alastair is dead, but his will promises to save them all — if the Dawsons follow its stipulations.
1) Scott must live in the ancient estate with his children, Hudson and Hazel.
2) The children can never leave the grounds at the same time.
3) And no matter what, no one is allowed in the basement.

Will a sprawling estate haunted by yesterday’s ghosts and devastating secrets help a struggling family finally overcome all that life has thrown at them, or will it be the Dawsons’ undoing?

Readers Can’t Get Enough of the Collective Inkwell!

“I’ve read all of Platt & Wright’s stories (and loved them all!)” — Kathy Austin

“Great writing, great characters, and a story that sucks you in! “ — James Garcia

“Hopefully you two have already quit your day job…keep up the GREAT work…can’t wait for the next book to come out.” — Annabelle Randall

“Extremely well written, engaging, witty and terrifying in turn, and has a plot that will keep you guessing. Surprises are around every corner.” — Patrick Worden

“I devoured the book in a few hours, and now I need more.” — John R Niven

Threshold is a ghost story you won’t be able to stop reading, and will never forget.

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