Unicorn Genesis (Unicorn Western)

It’s exactly what you think it is … and far, far more than you could possibly expect.

Clint Gulliver is a Marshal who’s on the hunt for his one true love. Dharma Kold has captured Mai, Clint’s bride-to-be, and is now fleeing across the Sands on his unicorn of a different color.

Before him lies desert, dooners and dragons. But at his side, Clint has his seven-shooters, not to mention his unicorn, Edward. It seems the Realm isn’t done with them yet, and before their journey is through, they may well shake the magical city to its very foundations …

This second volume in the Unicorn Western series expands upon the great promise held in such an original premise. Full of both white-knuckle action scenes and poignant emotion, it’s the perfect successor to the best fantasy western you never knew you were looking for.

Saddle up with the series that has Amazon readers raving.

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