Smarter Artist Smart Links: Caring about your work and when you’re ready to quit

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The case for caring about your work — From Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, a discussion on loving your work. “This is the way of the old craftsman who spends days, even weeks, working on a single piece because he wants to create something useful, beautiful, and meaningful.” He contrasts this to the internet marketers who talk about outsourcing everything and living off your ‘passive’ income.

Sean Platt on the Sidepreneurs Podcast — In this interview, Sean discusses how storytelling can shape your voice. Lessons from this interview include the fact that you really have to know your audience, know what you want – don’t copy somebody, and clearly communicate with your audience

What to do when you’re working hard, feeling frustrated, and ready to quit — Maybe you thought you would have more written by this time of the year. Maybe you’re feeling discouraged by a few bad reviews.

Literistic — A simple newsletter subscription of a highly-curated list of deadlines for submissions to literary publications, contests and fellowships. If you have aspirations for this kind of more traditional literary path, definitely sign up so you don’t miss any deadlines!


  1. I always enjoy reading Zen Habits, and I think it’s a good point. When trying to publish one book in the time it takes certain people to write the equivalent of one and a half times the Harry Potter series (not naming any names here ;)), it’s a good reminder why we do this. This is no get-rich-quick scheme.

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