Contact is Out!

Contact-600If you haven’t read Invasion yet, you absolutely should. It’s my favorite fiction book so far this year, and it’s proof that “a R&S page turner” was a fantastic idea.

And a page-turner it is, indeed! Several chapters have devastating hooks that demand toast-burning levels of addiction. And that last hook? Pure gold.

But you don’t want to hear that from me. In the video that follows, Johnny and Sean talk about how Invasion ended and what you can expect from its sequel, Contact.

NOTE: If you haven’t read Invasion, be aware of spoilers! This video literally gives away the ending of the first book, and it’s meant to whet your appetite for Contact (and even Colonization, the third book!). So don’t watch if you aren’t caught up!

If you’re a Platinum Reader, both Invasion and Contact are available in your library. So check them out!

Otherwise, you can buy Contact now from the following stores:


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  1. Ember Casey says:

    ~*~*~ Happy Release! ~*~*~

  2. The book is titled “Invasion” on my Kindle. Since it’s the Invasion book I haven’t read, I know which one to open, but otherwise I would be confused, since none of them have covers, because they’re side loaded 🙂

  3. Brilliant!

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