Fiction Unboxed Goodbye, Rewards Update, Archive Tour, and What’s Next!

shutterstock_129449258Today, I’m going to be showing Johnny the new Unboxed archive pages that Jacob and I have been working on for all our Unboxers. We’ll also be talking about the rewards we still owe you and the “How We Use Scrivener to Plan Stories” video series.

Lastly, and perhaps most interestingly, we’ll be talking about next year’s Fiction Unboxed 2 project … and, more immediately exciting, a slimmer version of Unboxed that we’re calling “Fiction Unboxed 1.5,” which is coming up in November for NaNoWriMo.

But hey, let’s talk about the archive first. We promise it’s cooler than the word “archive” makes it sound.

We’re slowly moving the Fiction Unboxed project from its own domain where it was born in the wake of our Kickstarter campaign to its permanent home here at Sterling & Stone.

First, here’s the video and audio (and transcript, to come) of today’s session. Keep reading after the video, because explanations and links are down there.


It makes more sense to keep the project under one roof with everything else, but we want to make sure the the experience is as convenient and simple to navigate for our Unboxers as it possibly can be. The last thing we wanted to do was copy and paste with no thought.

Fiction Unboxed will have two primary pages:

1. Fiction Unboxed: The Full Story — This is all 30+ days of the project on a single (massive) page so you can go through the material in the order it happened. Due to the volume of content, this is a bit unwieldy, but we believe it’s imperative to preserve the project’s natural order.

This page is actually a post, designed to draw traffic from both search engines and people who hear about Unboxed and are curious as to what it is. Unboxers will be able to see everything on this page (so long as they are logged in) while general visitors will see only the highlights.

2. Fiction (FULLY) Unboxed — This is the project’s complete archive page. As with The Full Story Page, everything will be available to Unboxers on this single page, but rather than displaying the content in the order it happened, we’ve conveniently sectioned everything off: videos, audios, drafts, etc., making it ABC easy to get exactly what you want without wasting your time.

These two pages have taken forever to finish, but we’re pleased with the results, and Johnny’s only seen them at a glance so far. It will be fun to bid farewell to our first ever Fiction Unboxed (of course we’ll have another one next year), show Johnny the pages, and have him ask questions live.

Click here to see the Fiction Unboxed Full Story Post.

If you’re already an Unboxer, click here to see the Fiction (FULLY) Unboxed Page.

Other pages we talked about:

The page that will get your account migrated to a account
The Story World Summit
The page showing all of the stuff you’ve bought/gotten for free from us (the “Membership Library”)
The “Sterling & Stoner” membership program

If you have a question about any of the above pages, please leave it in the comments on this page and we’ll answer as soon as we can.


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  1. First!

  2. Missy Morgan says:

    Great video guys – your so sweet to your fans, you inspire us and set a great example for future Authors too.
    I have loved this experience, you guys are awesome. I will be signing up for everything i can LOL
    Sean my daughter Maisie (10) has loved this experience too, she really enjoyed listening to your story recordings and says she cant wait to become a stoner 😉
    Congratulations guys x

  3. It would be great if there was a link to the Fiction Unboxed under Member’s Library, as Johnny suggested, instead of having to find it somewhere else 🙂

    The archive page is really nice to have, btw.
    Easy to find what you’re looking for.

    Looking forward to FU 1.5 & FU 2.
    And the beats! lol

  4. Adam Bailey says:

    YES! I’m a Stoner! :8^ )

  5. I actually have a question 🙂

    Will we hear about official launch, planned ads/campaigns for the book, how you spread the word and how well the book does (sharing whatever you’re comfortable with)?

    I know you said goodbye to FU in this video, but I was kind of hoping for that launchparty that was announced, then again dismissed in a comment on Facebook (I looked in the forums, on G+, on Twitter and here on the blog to find more info, but no luck). Perhaps this was it, and it just turned into something else (or I should re-listen)?

    Another thing is, that this was not posted on the FU site, or announced via e-mail or Kickstarter. That might be a good idea, to give everybody a heads up about migrating over here, since Jacob’s post on FU wasn’t announced in the usual FU manner either.

    I think we might be missing a big chunk of the FU people here on this site. You’ve mentioned the site in the last Kickstarter update, but that’s kind of it – nothing official to all the backers about the move (without the forums) and stuff. You’ve done a wonderful job explaing everything from this side of the fence, but not the other way around.

    Time for bed. I’ll watch the video again tomorrow, to see if I might have missed some of it, since I was working while listening 🙂

  6. Hey Anita!

    Yes, we’ll be sharing Dream Engine stuff, but it will be part of the normal discussions on the Podcast and in the Almanac, etcetera. Unboxed was always supposed to be more about story than business, the marketing stuff there was just bonus. And really, we had to close the box eventually.

    As far as the Launch Party, that was sort of mislabeled on my part. We had that earlier when the book was going live, then I wanted to have a goodbye video after Jacob and I finished the archive and full story pages, just to show Johnny. We realized it made a lot more sense to simply piggyback off of our existing meeting.

    We still need to get a final post up on the Unboxed site, and communicate with everyone through Kickstarter, but we’re waiting for our final rewards. This last week has been a lot sloppier than we would like, but we’re expecting the coming week to be better!

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