Fiction Unboxed: Last Chance

Last ChanceIf you’re reading this the day it’s posted, then you almost for sure fall into one of two categories. You’re either an Unboxer, or you’re not and are likely sick of hearing about it.

Still, not letting you know that we’re retiring the old price in 72 hours would be negligent. It’s possible you’re curious and have been on the fence. Or you’re in love with Unboxed and would love to share it with a friend.

The earliest birds definitely got the best worms. The first 200 spots on Kickstarter went for $39 for all the unboxing. The rest went for $49. Once Kickstarter ended, the price rose to $59 where it stayed while we built it.

Now it’s all finished, except for the “How We Use Scrivener For Beats” bonus that we’ll be adding in later, the moment it’s done. There are nearly 20 hours of video (plus the audio to go with it, and transcripts in the works), along with the tangible beats, rough draft words, and several stages of edit and polish. It’s all easily accessible, and all on a single page.

Fiction Unboxed’s final price will be $89, but we’re keeping it $59 for the next three days in case you’ve been waiting. And as a special bonus to existing Unboxers, you can buy Unboxed for a friend for just $29 — that’s $10 less than the early bird Kickstarter price!)

NOTE: Existing Unboxers will have to sign up here at Sterling & Stone (for FREE) to access everything on this domain.

Existing Unboxerssign up FREE Fiction Unboxed access on Sterling & Stone.

If you haven’t Unboxed but want toget Fiction Unboxed before the price goes up to $89 this Sunday, August 3.

Existing Unboxers who want to share Unboxed with a friendget your friend a discount on Fiction Unboxed (just $29 until this Sunday, August 3).

NOTE: The “Unbox With a Friend” Page will only be visible if you have already signed up for Unboxed access, here at Sterling & Stone by clicking on the first link.

Thanks for Unboxing!

Click here before August 3, 2014 to get Fiction Unboxed before the price goes up forever. 

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  1. It’s an awesome deal! And even for the price it will go up to, it’s still an awesome deal. It’s been worth every cent, and was truly an inspiring experience.

    I’m so looking forward to the beats videos, but just from what you did in FU, I made my own beats , starting from four lines of a story idea. I haven’t written any fiction for more than 20 years, although I have started a gazillion times. The beats made all the difference to me. I still have a long way to go, even if it’s just a children’s book and thus a very short story, but I now have a complete story, which I wouldn’t have had, if I’d never been part of the FU experience. So thank you!

    Perhaps writing isn’t something magical, but it sure felt magical to see you work.

    To anyone who’s the least bit interested in writing, or have a long lost dream of becoming an author; You should take this deal. You won’t regret it.

  2. I fall into that “Unboxer” category!

    I’m so glad I got in on this early, and I can’t wait for the Scrivener series. I have my own process for beats by now, but I’m always trying to hone it. I’m actually really curious to see if anything we do is the same.

    I write my beats in the synopsis of each index card/scene, and use the split screen mode to view all the beats in the sub-document view, so it’s in one long document (divided by scene by neat, grey lines!) and always at the top for me to reference as I write. This has worked perfectly in keeping me on track, especially in collaborations.

    I think there are as many ways to use Scrivener as there are authors in the world. Can’t wait to learn more about how you guys use it!

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