We’re All Going to Die

We’re all going to die. Unless there’s some remarkable leap in science in your lifetime which allows you to attain immortality, your days are numbered. As are those of everyone we know. I think I first became obsessed with death when I was a child and my grandfather died. Prior to that, death was something […]

Axis Audio is HERE!

You probably already know the origin story for Axis of Aaron. Axis was the Realm & Sands book that Johnny and I started late last year, after finishing the marathon writing of The Dream Engine for Fiction Unboxed. It was the first book born from our “Beats 2.0” methodology, with richer characters and locations, and […]

10 Things That Make a Book Un-Put-Downable

Boy oh boy do we have a surprise for you today, boys and girls. We didn’t talk about this project at all before dropping it for sale, but today we’re proud to announce the debut of our brand new first-in-series book, Invasion. To celebrate the release of Realm & Sands’s first true page-turner, I’d like […]

Space Shuttle Part 23

Click here to see all Space Shuttle parts up to now. SEASON 1 :: EPISODE 4 :: CHAPTER 5 The next day, Sloan dressed for his return trip to Earth, packed his bag, and spent an hour or so walking the Space Shuttle lobby gathering his scattered belongings and saying preliminary farewells. He strolled to […]

How to Make Nothing With a Potential Franchise

Rather than spend a long time writing (and rewriting) a blog post, I decided to shoot a video instead. I’m going to try to do this more often. I can record in a few minutes what would otherwise take me an hour to articulate. Doing it this way gets the same message across, and is […]

Robot Proletariat Part 21

Click here to see all Robot Proletariat Parts up to now. SEASON 1 :: EPISODE 4 :: CHAPTER 2 The new sexbot’s name was Chantal. If she were set side by side with Sephora, the two could have been sisters, except that Sephora was stiffer, and neither had DNA sufficient to account for siblings. She […]

What’s Next For The Collective Inkwell?

Where does CI go from here? We started 2012 with a goal to be Kings of the Serial. I like to think we achieved that with launching six different serials over the course of our first year. Now it’s time to close some boxes. We finished the Z series for 47North. We’ll be wrapping Available Darkness and […]

ForNevermore Part 27

Click here for a list of all ForNevermore parts. SEASON 1 :: EPISODE 5 :: CHAPTER 4 Dante woke to darkness. He could see little, though he could hear a constant mechanical hum and feel the icy air circulating through the room. He was sitting in a chair, his arms bound behind him. He pulled, […]

The Theseus Point

Today we have another Realm & Sands short: The Theseus Point.  Enjoy the first bit of The Theseus Point as a teaser. And as always, the short is in your Members Library if you’re a Platinum Reader. Keira looked down at her old organic leg. Did she resent it, or would she miss it once it was […]

Four Seasons Excerpt

The alarm clock screamed at the same time it did every morning, but Jon did not pull covers over his head to smother the following 15 minutes as he would have any other day. He leapt from bed, went to the bathroom, turned on the faucets in the sink and bathtub, and stared at his […]