ForNevermore Part 40


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Dante woke to the dull ache of knowing Noella was in certain danger – a familiar tug he’d felt countless times before, dozens just in the past few years. But it was now amplified by a hundred. Being bonded to Noella meant he could feel what she felt, no matter their distance in miles or worlds. It was how guardians like him were able to protect their assignments.

It also hurt like hell.

He rose to his feet and shouted into the camera, “William!” he called.

Dante paced the room as the confines of the jacket and the walls seemed to somehow tighten around him, restricting him further.

“William! She’s in danger!”

Moments later, his door opened, and William appeared on the other side, his eyes more hollow than usual. He hadn’t slept. He’d been on his way to Dante before being summoned. Something was wrong.

Dante’s instincts were right.

“What’s wrong?” Dante asked. “Something’s happened to her, hasn’t it?”

William closed the door behind him, then removed his glasses and wiped his eyes.

“She’s not in her house. Nobody is. Carter went back tonight to do the job and he said no one was there. He senses that something terrible has happened.”

“I know,” Dante said. “I feel it too. You must release me.”

“I can’t,” William shook his head.

“She’s in danger! Do you want her to die? Or worse, do you want the Queen’s people to get ahold of her?”

“Perhaps they already have,” William suggested.

“No,” Dante insisted. “She’s still here. I can feel her. But she’s in danger. Something horrible is about to happen.”

William put his glasses back on and shook his head, “Let’s say you save her. Then what? What assurances do I have that you’ll bring her here? That you’ll return?”

“None,” Dante said. “Because we won’t. You’ve just proven my point. You can’t keep her safe. The Elders can’t keep her safe. I am the only one. I’ve proven it time and time again. Let me do my job.”

William stared at him. Dante could feel the man’s gears spinning, weighing Dante’s words. Finally, he said, “Okay. But I’m going with you.”

“Fine,” Dante said. “Just get this damned jacket off of me.”


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