Going Out On Top — Yesterday’s Gone: Season Six

Yesterday's Gone: Season Six(This is a variation of part of the Authors’ Note from Yesterday’s Gone: SeasonSix. No spoilers in this version — though there ARE in the actual note in the back of the book.)

Whenever a series (whether it be books, TV shows, or movies) gains a certain amount of popularity, the countdown to expiration begins.

When will the series end?

How will it end?

Will it overstay its welcome (or Jump the Shark)? 

One of the toughest decisions a creator can make is how and when to end a series. You can go out on top (and even a bit early) like Breaking Bad. Or … you can drag shit out and limp to the finish line (I’m looking at you, Dexter — you could’ve finished with Season Four, dropped the mic and been remembered as the BEST show ever!).

Going on too long leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths, polluting the memory of a beloved franchise and its characters.

You also don’t want to end too early, when your fans are still clamoring for more of the magic to continue or there’s still so much left to explore (most great BBC shows — why must you all end so prematurely?).

For me (Dave), the measure of when to end a series is simple. I ask: are there still mysteries to explore? When the mystery leaves, the magic is gone. It’s one of the reasons I think a lot of shows overstay their welcome. We’ve seen it all, and now you’re just moving pieces around a chessboard.

We never want any of our series to feel like that.

There must be a compelling mystery or great character developments to drive the story. We aim for both, by the way!

Originally, my plan was to end Yesterday’s Gone at Season Three. But somewhere along the way, I realized there was no way to do what we wanted with the characters in such a short amount of time. So we decided on six. It was a nice even number, and it allowed us to really explore the story the way we wanted to — in a story told more or less over two trilogies.

Part of the reason we wanted to go six seasons was because we’d barely scratched the surface of Boricio by Season Three. We knew early on that Boricio was more than his beginnings. And while the first three seasons resolved the initial mystery of What Happened On October 15, there was still so much to explore! As long as there is a good mystery, I’m willing to keep going until it’s resolved.

We also love a challenge, and wanted to do something insane with Boricio. Build him as the most despicable character in the series (or any series, judging from some reactions), then tear him down, turning him into this heroic, tragic figure, which we opened the door to with our Season Three storyline which revealed what caused The Event on October 15, 2011.

Writing this final sixth season of the series was a challenge. How do we wrap up all these storylines, deliver some great fan service, AND go out on top?

When it comes to series endings, I’d prefer to go out as a Breaking Bad than a Dexter.

Of course we can’t judge how this series went out. That’s for you, our Dear Reader, to decide. If you’re a Platinum Reader, the book is now in your library.

If not, you can pre-order Yesterday’s Gone: Season Six now and have it delivered to your device of choice on July 7.

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About David Wright

Dave is the co-founder of Collective Inkwell, in which he and Sean Platt re-invented serial fiction. Hailing from the quaint town of [REDACTED], Dave's renown for putting children in jeopardy (in his fiction, anyway) has made him world famous.


  1. I still remember when I first started reading Yesterday’s Gone: I was hooked from the first pages. Then, when you announced that there would be three more seasons after the third, I remember being skeptical… Luckily there was no reason to be! Can’t wait to read what happens to Boricio and all the other favorite characters as the story ends.

    I have the final season already waiting on my iPad, but I’m fighting myself hard to finish what I’m reading now before jumping to this (and I haven’t even started 12… you guys produce too much ;-))

  2. David Wright says:

    Thanks, Jarkko! Enjoy it when you get to it. And glad we overcame the skepticism!

  3. At Last !!!
    Had this on pre order for a while. Just revisiting season 5 now to warm up the appetite for the finale!!
    I just love your guys style. I’ve read everything. I leave reviews on all your works to do my bit to get your stuff out there.
    You appeal to all genres & generations . I’m in my 40’s, (big,burly construction worker by the way),have kids 17 to 24 who are goner’s. Even my 72 year old dear mother loved 12. (I’m still preparing her for Boricio).
    Anymore Whitespace on the horizon????
    And Now…… I’m gone.!! It’s time for season 6

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