Robot Proletariat Part 27

Click here to see all Robot Proletariat Parts up to now. SEASON 1 :: EPISODE 5 :: CHAPTER 3 Mars handled the funeral arrangements. He kept checking in with Naomi on details, but she kept waving him away, telling the robot to “just handle it” then swooning as if she might faint. Naomi spent most […]

Tales From the Terrible Scary Volumes 1-4

Tales From the Terrible Scary So Fast and Fun, You’ll Want to Read Them ALL! Tales From the Terrible Scary stories aren’t terrible, and they aren’t really scary, but they are TONS of fun, and you WILL want to read them over (and over) again, while waiting for the next ones to come out. Tales From the Terrible […]

Santa EXPOSED: First Chapter

As a reminder, Santa EXPOSED is free on Amazon right now. If this first chapter makes you at all curious, why not snag a copy and read the rest for free? While you’re at it, leave some cookies and milk for yourself as a reward. Chapter One I suppose I should start three days before […]

The Story Behind Santa EXPOSED

Last year I wrote a story for my daughter, Haley as a Christmas present: Santa Exposed: Only Read This if You Want to Know the Truth! I wrote the story so that I could tell her the truth. She was just at the age where she was starting to ask a lot of questions, chiefly, […]

These Rhymes Are NOT Too Rich For Children

This is a sampling from Syllable Soup, Guy Incognito’s first book, and in many ways the story that started it all. I don’t believe there is such a thing as “too rich for children,” and had I not been told that there was, this whole adventure would have been very different. I’m grateful for the […]