Dream Engine Excerpt

This excerpt picks up as 15-year-old Eila Doyle arrives at the Ministry of Manifestation for her shift as a Builder, utterly exhausted from sleeping poorly the night before. Eila wasn’t supposed to work this shift, but the Ministry’s great engine — the Blunderbuss — has unexpectedly moved into a powerful state known as “Pianoforte.” Nobody knows […]

The Dream Engine: An Author’s Note

NOTE: What follows is the original author’s note for our book The Dream Engine, describing how the book was written live in front of an audience in 30 days, starting from scratch. If you are interested in reading The Dream Engine, click here to jump down to the store links. ———– As I (Johnny) write […]

This Was Supposed to be a Dream Engine Portfolio Post

I wanted to have a bunch of pretty pages to show you today. The Sterling & Stone editorial calendar reads, “Dream Engine Portfolio Day.” I was planning to show you all of the pages we’ve built for The Dream Engine. If you’re a fan of the book, you’ll love them, and if you’re an author […]