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News this week: We just finalized our dinner menu for the Colonist Summit AND dates for our fall in-person event! More on that later.

Also this week ….

The Loud Listener — My favorite podcast is WTF with Marc Maron. I had no idea who he was before I listened to this, but he is hands down the best interviewer I have ever come across. I can’t wait to be famous and be interviewed by him. This article in particular, examines some of the reasons his interviewing style is so effective which I’m sure can easily be applied to your own research when writing. Highly recommended! “WTF is gradually becoming an oral-history archive of American comedy and pop culture.”

The benefits of reading — This is an infographic, and really I don’t need to be told that reading is awesome. It’s basically my whole life. I ready every single night before I fall asleep. And you know that you need to make time to read too.

28 better things about publishing — A lot of these are traditional publishing focused, but I love numbers 4 and 18.

So you want to be a famous self-published author? — Related to the link above, and a great realistic look at what to expect if you decide to self-publish when you can’t get an agent’s attention. “So you do it yourself, go the Amazon way, make it on your own. You could sit at home and enjoy the fruits of fame and fortune; Amazon has come to your rescue.”

How to Author — A new writing podcast I came across. Each episode (so far) is pretty short and rather tongue-in-cheek. It’s just fun!

What Authors Can Learn from TV Writers — This is a great look at how collaboration can be beneficial … although, I’m sure if you follow Sterling & Stone at all you can already see that.


  1. I agree. That How to Author guy is great.

    Thanks for the plug.

    -ben (aka the How to Author guy)

  2. Good stuff. And I definitely agree with you on Marc Maron’s podcast. He’s a great interviewer, getting to depths that others don’t approach.

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