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Collective Inkwell

The CI imprint specializes in dark horror and science-fiction. You can sum up the essence of all CI titles with the words: “CHILDREN IN JEOPARDY.” Be forewarned! Your world will be a darker, colder place after reading these titles.

Realm and Sands

As far as genre goes, the R&S imprint is all over the place. But with all R&S titles, you can tell the authors had fun telling their story, so you can be sure you’ll have fun reading it! Some titles are funny, but all of them make you think.

Guy Incognito

The tag line “Fun on Every Page” says everything you need to know. Guy writes smart stories for children, in which writing is NEVER too rich for kids. Guy aims to be the Pixar of kindle, making stories that parents will enjoy just as much as their kids.

  • Help! My Father is a Werewolf!: epub | mobi
  • LunARK Episode 1: epub | mobi
  • Penny to a Million JEG: epub | mobi

Lexi Maxxwell

WARNING: EXPLICIT ADULT CONTENT! Lexi writes erotica, but it’s more than porn in prose. She is an amazing storyteller, and you’ll be glad you read between the steamy scenes. Just be warned, the erotic content here isn’t for the faint of heart.



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Stoner Library

July Goodies

  • The Nightmare Factory

June Goodies

  • Yesterday’s Gone Season 6
  • The Beam Bundle

May Goodies

  • Robot Proletariat Season 2
  • 12

April Goodies

  • Z: Rites of Passage
  • Stepbrother Billionaire
  • Colonization

March Goodies

  • Axis of Aaron Audio
  • My Stepbrother the Groom
  • Contact

February Goodies

  • Invasion
  • Terrible Scary Volume 1
  • Terrible Scary Volume 2
  • Terrible Scary Volume 3
  • Terrible Scary Volume 4

January Goodies

  • Redacted
  • The Theseus Point

December Goodies

  • Four Seasons
  • When Boricio Met Rose
  • La Fleur de Blanc

November Goodies

  • Corrosion
  • Fiction Unboxed Audio!

October Goodies

  • Together Apart
  • Yesterday’s Gone Season 5
  • A Temptation in Time

  • Axis of Aaron
  • Fiction Unboxed

September Goodies

  • Threshold (Advanced Stoner Copy)
  • Decoy Wallet
  • Decoy Wallet Audio
  • Threshold Audio


  • Are We There Yet? (CI Short)
  • Caveman Timecop (R&S Short)
  • Sweep (R&S Short)
  • The Runner (R&S Beam Short)