Introduction to the Realm & Sands and Sterling & Stone email autoresponder projects

Video post today, everyone! It just made way, way more sense to explain this via explanation than trying to type it out. The video below is 15 minutes long.

You can go to to join the list I’m discussing here to 1) see what we’ve done so far and 2) get Robot Proletariat Season 1 as our opt-in bribe.


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Johnny started out as the writing everyman, barely managing a novel a decade. From there, he has become a storytelling superstar, pounding out a novel a month. He's the co-founder of Realm & Sands, as well as the host of the Self Publishing Podcast.


  1. Blaine Moore says:

    If you join up to a new list are you going to then be asked to join the main lists from the new one as well as the previous one, once those are built out in the back end?

  2. Johnny B. Truant says:

    I’m not sure I totally follow, but I think you’re saying this:

    1. EX: you’re on the S&S list (the “main” list?)
    2. You decide to join the R&S list too.

    And the question is,

    3. Will you be prompted again to join the S&S list?

    If so, then yeah, it’s pitched, but it’s not anything other than a suggestion. It’s a “if I’m already subscribed to S&S, I ignore this” situation. But longer-term, we anticipate many fewer people joining S&S before joining any of the imprints. So for most it’ll go imprint > S&S, so the backward flow doesn’t matter nearly as much as the forward flow. We’ve been pushing people to S&S as a starting point until now, but in the future the only way anyone would join S&S without being on an imprint list first would be if they came to this website and decided to sign up for the whole shebang … in which case they’d already know us anyway.

    • Blaine Moore says:

      I was thinking more along the lines of:

      1. Join R&S.
      2. Be asked to join S&S and/or other imprints
      3. From S&S or other imprints, be asked to join R&S? Or S&S if already on it? etc.

      Basically was just wondering if somebody is going to get a similar pitch even if they are already on specific lists or if you’ve got it setup to intelligently figure out if you are already there or not and not duplicate messaging.

    • Blaine Moore says:

      (not that it matters much in my case as I’m sure I’m on at least 75% of your lists anyway, heheh.)

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