Selling More Books with Autoresponders, List Segments, and Email (Self Publishing Podcast #162)

Selling more books with autoresponders, list segments, and email.

Selling more books with autoresponders goes beyond a simple newsletter list. While Sterling and Stone requires detailed segmentation, you can learn tools and techniques for you own list regardless of size. This episode covers:

  • What is the purpose of an autoresponder
  • How to use broadcast and autoresponders for maximum effectiveness
  • What you should put in an email newsletter
  • How to make them happy to open your emails and much more

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  1. We’ve seen the benefits of autoresponders, thanks for this share! I continuously try to stress to clients how important email is still today. Most are in disbelief that email works so well.

    • It is much more powerful than I realized. I don’t think there are many using it to it’s full potential.

    • I agree. It’s very underutilized by small businesses. A common response I hear is “people put in fake emails”. Why would they do that if they want the offer you are bribing them with?

      People make up their own reasons for why things won’t work.

      Scrivener looks like a good program to use for planning autoresponder sequences.

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