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Good morning! Happy Thursday! Happy June! Happy almost-Summer (or Winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere)! This weeks links will help you improve your editing and reading time among other things.

Writership Podcast — This is a brand new podcast on the Author Marketing Institute network, from S&S friends Leslie and Alyssa. It’s a great show, will give you a ton of ideas about what to look for when revising your own work, AND it will introduce you to great new writers. I binged on the first 7 or 8 episodes launched. Highly recommended.

5 Ways to Pass the Time while you are Waiting to “Make It” — Or, how an overnight success can take 10 years. Particularly as fiction writers we know it takes a looooong time to ‘make it’. There is a ton of real work you can do to push the ball forward a little bit at a time.

It’s not just about working harder, you also need to work faster — Wise words from Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s a little extreme on the hustling front (this video makes me want to cry), but he’s not wrong about working harder, working faster AND working smarter.

24 Books You Can Read in Under an Hour — “Book” is a loose term here. Some of them are long short stories, or novellas. But still. No excuse to not be reading. None.

How Joining a Critique Group Can Make You a Better Writer — I came across this post in the SPP G+ community (not ‘official’ S&S, but still fantastic). I definitely want to join a critique group in the next year, and I love the insight Jim provides for what to expect.

 This will be the last Smart Links post for a bit while we work on relaunching the site — but in the meantime, I recommend you follow me on Pinterest. Particularly this board and this board and this board.

P.S. My next editing availability is mid-July, so email me soon if you want to get on the calendar!


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