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Good morning! There is always such a huge variety of quality articles around the internet that I have such a hard time limiting it to just writing, publishing and smarter-artist-type resources. Take a look …

Isn’t there something you should be doing? — IttyBiz is one of my favorite resources for entrepreneur-ish things. This article is a fantastic reminder that I need to stop buying courses and books and do the things I already know I need to do. I recommend signing up for their newsletter too.

The 12 Highs and Lows of Revising your Manuscript — I am currently deep in the weeds of revising my first novel. I get this. I SO get this. Number 7, you guys. Number 7.

45 Great Podcast Picks from the TED staff — We are binging podcasts over here at S&S. If you watch the live SPP shows you may have heard Johnny mention that they will be tightening up and optimizing their show in the near future. This list has SO MANY amazing shows that I listen to, that I’ve been meaning to listen to and that I had never heard of but obviously need to listen to now. I think I need to get a job as a gardener or something that I can listen to podcasts all day.

Your novel: To plot or not — It’s not such a black and white question. “So what I have learned, what I will continue to learn, and re-learn for the rest of my life, is to allow equal space for both mindsets. To respect both equally.”

Don’t Start a Vlog, Podcast or Blog — Love this post from our friend (and S&S writer) Monica.

We are heading in to June soon! Are you almost half-way done with your 2015 goals?

P.S. If you are reading this on May 28, the guys are having an Ask Us Anything live event! Watch HERE and leave your questions in the comments.


  1. Ah yes, it’s June soon. A year ago, Fiction Unboxed began.
    Can you believe it?


    Besides that – yes, I think I’m on track with my goals. They weren’t that specific, only that I wanted to publish something this year. And I have done that. Twice! And it’s all thanks to Fiction Unboxed, because that’s how I met my collaborator Patrick Stemp, so I’ll be forever grateful to Sean and Johnny for that crazy idea they had last year (besides the obvious awesomeness of the project itself).

    PS. The highs and lows of a manuscript is the same for a drawing. Totally the same, just other words/doubts/frustrations πŸ˜€

  2. I forgot I had a question.

    Have you killed the blog (not you, as in you, Amy, but you, as in Sterling & Stone)? What happened to those A and B posts, Authorpreneurs Almanac etc?

    The round-up email from Jacob included 4 or 5 posts last time I got it. Before I had to scroll through it to see if I had missed anything. Now I could see at a glance, that I didn’t.

    What happened?

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