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Happy Thursday! We have a holiday weekend coming up in the United States and I would like to spend it all reading in my backyard hammock.

On Screenwriting — If you have been listening to SPP recently, you know that Sean has been reading more screenplays. This is an interview with writer Karl Iglesias (author of screenwriting book Writing for Emotional Impact) discussing — what else? — evoking emotion in the reader or film-goer and what are the elements of a well-written screenplay.

Margaret Atwood on the Writing Process — Video from 2002 at the New York Public Library. It is more than an hour but well worth it. (I haven’t yet read any Atwood, but it’s on my to-read list)

19 Morning Hacks for Night Owls who would Rather be Sleeping — If you are struggling to get in a little bit of writing time into your day, take a look at these tips and ideas for getting a great start on your morning. My favorite is don’t check email first thing.

Why We Read — 5-part video series from The Center for Fiction with Francine Prose (who wrote Reading Like a Writer). Recommended to start thinking about who your readers are and what they are looking for. Especially if you’re not much of a reader yourself.

What is new with you? Reading anything good?

(I’m reading a history book about John Quincy Adams’s wife)


  1. Nice links. I just read Playing the Short Game by Douglas Smith, which is probably one of the best books on marketing short stories I’ve ever read. Totally opened my eyes to a market out there that few indies are taking advantage of. 🙂

  2. You can get The Short Game as part of The Write Stuff Story Bundle, which contains a lot of great resources.

    I think it’s available for another 11 days or so.

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