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We’re all back from the Colonist Summit in Austin and it was AMAZING! So much brilliant business ideas and inspiration! I love spending so much time with so many other smart artists. Here’s to this week’s links:

Wait, keep talking: Author promo that actually works — A lot of great advice for promotion in general, not just for authors. I know #9 is a big one for any of us that listen to SPP.

What authors really think about publishers (a survey) — This article features not only access to the original survey data, but also a thorough analysis. Hopefully they’ll get a larger pool of data in future surveys, but this is fascinating.

How to write a novel in 18 steps — Tongue in cheek, yes, but you KNOW it’s true!

Pick Yourself — An early episode of Charlie Gilkey’s podcast The Creative Giant Show featuring an interview with Seth Godin. Such a great discussion of what it takes to be a genius, why people are afraid to be successful and what it means to pick yourself.

First bookstore devoted to self-published authors opens in Florida — Such an interesting idea. The shop operates a little like a book consignment store, but “self-published authors rent shelf space for three months for $60” and handle their own restocking. The store focuses on local authors and only just opened. I’m so fascinated to see if it works!

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  1. Loved the last link.
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if that was possible in book stores all over the world, for local authors to buy their own shelf space?

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