Smarter Artist Smart Links: Editing and Reading Time

Good morning! Happy Thursday! Happy June! Happy almost-Summer (or Winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere)! This weeks links will help you improve your editing and reading time among other things. Writership Podcast — This is a brand new podcast on the Author Marketing Institute network, from S&S friends Leslie and Alyssa. It’s a great […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Revising and Podcasts

Good morning! There is always such a huge variety of quality articles around the internet that I have such a hard time limiting it to just writing, publishing and smarter-artist-type resources. Take a look … Isn’t there something you should be doing? — IttyBiz is one of my favorite resources for entrepreneur-ish things. This article […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Screenwriting and Morning Hacks

Happy Thursday! We have a holiday weekend coming up in the United States and I would like to spend it all reading in my backyard hammock. On Screenwriting — If you have been listening to SPP recently, you know that Sean has been reading more screenplays. This is an interview with writer Karl Iglesias (author […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Reading Short Stories and Choosing an Idea

This week’s collection of links is very multimedia-ish. Videos and audio and only a little reading. Start up one of these podcast episodes while you are doing the dishes. Set one of the videos playing while you brush your teeth and get ready for the day. I know not all of us can fit extra […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Masterminds and Routines

This has been a good week for me, production-wise. I’m deep into editing what will be my very first published novel. I’ve got a pretty fixed deadline (you’ll understand when you see the title), and I’m about 99.9% sure I can hit it. But that last .01%? Let’s just say that this week’s links are […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Free Courses and Content Marketing

How has your week been? I’m still on a creative high from attending the Colonists Summit almost 2 weeks ago! My to do list is long and detailed and some of the links I found for you this week just added to it! 50 free online courses for creatives and entrepreneurs — I wish I […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Author promotion and choosing yourself

We’re all back from the Colonist Summit in Austin and it was AMAZING! So much brilliant business ideas and inspiration! I love spending so much time with so many other smart artists. Here’s to this week’s links: Wait, keep talking: Author promo that actually works — A lot of great advice for promotion in general, […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Caring about your work and when you’re ready to quit

The case for caring about your work — From Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, a discussion on loving your work. “This is the way of the old craftsman who spends days, even weeks, working on a single piece because he wants to create something useful, beautiful, and meaningful.” He contrasts this to the internet marketers […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Learning to Listen and Writing for TV

News this week: We just finalized our dinner menu for the Colonist Summit AND dates for our fall in-person event! More on that later. Also this week …. The Loud Listener — My favorite podcast is WTF with Marc Maron. I had no idea who he was before I listened to this, but he is […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Last Lines and Publishing to Kindle

It’s getting to be just gorgeous in Southern California, which means that I’ve moved to working from my backyard hammock. Reading these articles out in the springtime air just makes me so excited and energized to publish 95 novels this year! The End of the End: Writers on Last Lines — “Writing the final pages […]