Smarter Artist Smart Links: Walking and Short Stories

Good morning! How was your week? I spent some time with my 90+ year old grandmother and heard a bunch of stories about her youth that I would love to use pieces of in future novels (in 1943 she worked in a night club that had strippers, but she was adamant that it was NOT […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Pay your bills and advice from literary agents

How will I pay the bills? — Brief, useful advice from Austin Kleon. He knows the struggle of trying to make money as an artist. “Anybody who tells people to ‘do what you love no matter what’ should also have to teach a money management course.” Wise man. The worst ways to begin your novel: […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Writing Faster and Books that Defined Us

My personal writing habits have fallen way off in the last month or two. Life happens. But this week’s links are going to help me get back on track, I know it. Write Better, Faster: How to triple your writing speed and write more every day  — A new release from Monica Leonelle! Only a […]

How to Muffle Your Muse (And Actually Sell Some Books)

Of course authors want to sell books. Unfortunately — even though the advice is long in the tooth — doing so isn’t as simple as “write what you want and readers will find you.” Too often, conventional writing advice will suggest that writers simply follow their muse, to write from their hearts and wait for […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Emotional Milestones of Writing and Serial Killers

Using Instagram as a Journaling Tool – I love Instagram, and it’s ideal for recording your own life. “Scrolling through my Instagram feed allows me to remember the details of certain moments in my life, which wouldn’t otherwise have been documented. It keeps the memories fresh and clear in my mind.” The Emotional Milestones of […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Weakness and Rapping Booksellers

How has your week been? Our big news, of course, is the launch of Invasion by Sean and Johnny. Read all about that here. But we have also got some great resources for you today — both practical and ridiculous.  The Scientifically Proven Best Time to Think and Write Creatively — A gorgeous infographic from […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Book reviews and your writing space

This week I finalized the cover of my first book, sent manuscripts back to three editing clients, and found some great resources for you. The first is a rather long profile on a fashion blogger, but the others are short, sweet and to the point. I hope you love them! How a 14-year-old has Become […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Creativity and Becoming an Idea Machine

This week the theme seems to be creativity. We have just a small collection of resources for you, but each one of them is detailed and very helpful. How Play Enriches our Creative Capacity — Play fueling exploration, play helping fight stress. The author of this article pulls quotes from several sources to highlight how […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: How to Read More and Writing Hacks

This week your links and resources are very content and writing specific. Just a couple. We want you to read these. How to squeeze more reading into your day: I can never find enough time to read everything I want to. I love these ideas! 25 Writing Hacks from a Hack Writer: From author Delilah […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Soderbergh, Slow Writing and Plot Twists

This week we have a lot of fascinating articles about storytelling and media. Sean found most of these, and I feel like each week the list of links gets longer and longer. Dig in! How Silicon Valley Is ‘Democratizing’ Storytelling: An article from Variety, about how technology is allowing more and more people to become […]