Smarter Artist Smart Links: Paul Thomas Anderson, SEO and Digital Purge

We have a lot of links for you this week! Some are creative resources, some are business resources. Let me know your favorite and I’ll look for more like it for future weeks. Director Paul Thomas Anderson interviewed on WTF — Marc Maron’s podcast is one of my absolute favorites. He is a great interviewer […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Jim Henson, Stephen King and MFA Stereotypes

Welcome back to another installation of the best articles and resources we can find. Just for you! Some of these will be Your-Writing-Career-specific, others may just be simple inspiration or a fascinating story. I hope you find an article or resource that you love! Some of the best stuff we’ve found this week: How to […]

Smarter Artist Smart Links: Austin Kleon, Pixar, and The Moth

Good morning! Today marks the first installment of my weekly blog post — Smarter Artist Smart Links. Every Thursday morning you can find a collection of the most amazing links and extra credit reading we can find on the Internet. Thursday is your new favorite day! We want Sterling & Stone to be THE place […]

Eight Questions: Interview With Richard Brown

Richard Brown is a full-time author and part-time podcast host. He enjoys candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, and the occasional Nicolas Cage movie. What is your daily creative routine like? I would say there is nothing routine about it. Managing my time has never been something I’ve excelled at. Ideally (which means when […]

Eight Questions: Interview With Ray Chase

Ray Chase is an actor, and co-owner of Funsplosion, a Youtube comedy vertical, and Dawn Machine, a new media production company based in LA. Ray also became one of our go-to voiceover guys after the excellent work he did as Boricio Wolfe in the Podium Publishing production of the Yesterday’s Gone audio books. You can […]

Eight Questions: Interview With Garrett Robinson

Garrett Robinson is an indie filmmaker, writer, and YouTuber who came onto our radar as a caller back in the first year of The Self-Publishing Podcast. He’s also been a great part of what you see here at Sterling & Stone, creating a lot of the videos you’ve seen, including the Fiction Unboxed stuff and the […]

Eight Questions: Interview With Kevin Maxon

Editor’s Note: As I said when I started the Eight Question series, I wanted to interview artists of all types — including writers, illustrators, musicians, and others whose work I find inspiring. I’m thrilled to feature our first video game designer, Ice Water Games Founder Kevin Maxon. I found Eidolon after reading a piece on indie […]

Eight Questions: Interview With Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is the New York Times bestselling author of three illustrated books: Steal Like An Artist (Workman, 2012) is a manifesto for creativity in the digital age; Show Your Work!  (Workman, 2014) is a guide to sharing creativity and getting discovered; and Newspaper Blackout (Harper Perennial, 2010) is a collection of poetry made by redacting words from newspaper articles with a permanent […]

Eight Questions: Interview with Tim Gibson

Tim spent three years illustrating worlds, characters and monsters for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, with film credits including Tintin, District 9 and Avatar to his name. Moth City is the project he’s been secretly working on along the way, and was named as one of Comixology’s top comics of 2013. He does strange things […]

Eight Questions: Interview With Carl Sinclair

Carl Sinclair spent several years working in software engineering, insurance, and being a chef. After years of changing careers to find something that fit, he decided to follow his passion for writing. He currently lives in Perth, Australia. Sixth Cycle –  (on pre order now) Pandora’s Gate: Origins (coming soon) twitter – @carlsin81 facebook What is your daily […]