Authorpreneur’s Almanac #34

Sterling & Stone’s love hate relationship is well documented by now. We’re in a hard spot. We absolutely see the need for a strong social media presence, but it’s impossible for us to grow, let alone maintain what’s already there without serious sacrifice to something else. It’s top of mind as we continue to grow, […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #33: Our Upcoming Remodel (What do YOU Want?)

Today is short, but important.

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #32: Johnny and Sean Get Interviewed

This week’s Almanac may feel a bit like a reverse SPP, in which Sean and Johnny get interviewed (instead of interviewing someone else). Why is this an Almanac, you ask? For two reasons: First, the guys are crazy busy right now, writing and preparing stuff we’re not allowed to talk about yet. Second, the conversation […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #31: Sean’s January Reading List

READ A LOT, WRITE A LOT–that’s the advice Stephen King gives writers in his epic autobiography/how to, On Writing. If anyone made fun of Sean about not having time to read books before, they definitely don’t have a leg to stand on now. After the great response from Sean’s last “what I’ve been reading” Almanac, […]

Introduction to the Realm & Sands and Sterling & Stone email autoresponder projects

Video post today, everyone! It just made way, way more sense to explain this via explanation than trying to type it out. The video below is 15 minutes long. You can go to to join the list I’m discussing here to 1) see what we’ve done so far and 2) get Robot Proletariat Season […]

Should You Write Under a Pen Name? And How To Market It If You Do

Thanks to the anonymity of the internet, the ease of selling digital products, and the popularity of erotica (who knew sex sold?), more and more authors are considering publishing some or all their work under a pen name. There are a variety of reasons you might consider a pen name (and Kristine Kathryn Rusch has […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #30

Happy Sunday! As promised, here are the video answers to your questions from last week. If your answer isn’t here, then it came in late Friday night after I recorded these answers. I’ll either answer in the comments from last week’s post, or add it to my next batch of videos. There are some great […]

Dave Does the Summit

It’s weird working with people you know, but don’t really know in person. As of summer 2014, I’d met with Sean only twice in seven years. I’d yet to meet his family, even though I’ve talked with them enough that they now feel like an extension of my own family. I’d also yet to meet […]

The Three Biggest Surprises When Starting (or Attempting) a Daily Writing Habit

Back in August of 2013, I had to face the facts. I had learned to write very fast (at speeds over 3000 words an hour, under the right conditions), but I still wasn’t drafting and publishing much content. There were two problems: I was writing faster, but I wasn’t writing often. When I looked at […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #29

Hey there guys, and happy Sunday! I had planned to do another “What I’ve been reading” video, because I enjoyed that, and the last one had a great response. But this week’s Invasion launch had us all burning the candle at both ends. So instead …