Authorpreneur’s Almanac #34

Sterling & Stone’s love hate relationship is well documented by now. We’re in a hard spot. We absolutely see the need for a strong social media presence, but it’s impossible for us to grow, let alone maintain what’s already there without serious sacrifice to something else. It’s top of mind as we continue to grow, […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #33: Our Upcoming Remodel (What do YOU Want?)

Today is short, but important.

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #32: Johnny and Sean Get Interviewed

This week’s Almanac may feel a bit like a reverse SPP, in which Sean and Johnny get interviewed (instead of interviewing someone else). Why is this an Almanac, you ask? For two reasons: First, the guys are crazy busy right now, writing and preparing stuff we’re not allowed to talk about yet. Second, the conversation […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #31: Sean’s January Reading List

READ A LOT, WRITE A LOT–that’s the advice Stephen King gives writers in his epic autobiography/how to, On Writing. If anyone made fun of Sean about not having time to read books before, they definitely don’t have a leg to stand on now. After the great response from Sean’s last “what I’ve been reading” Almanac, […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #30

Happy Sunday! As promised, here are the video answers to your questions from last week. If your answer isn’t here, then it came in late Friday night after I recorded these answers. I’ll either answer in the comments from last week’s post, or add it to my next batch of videos. There are some great […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #29

Hey there guys, and happy Sunday! I had planned to do another “What I’ve been reading” video, because I enjoyed that, and the last one had a great response. But this week’s Invasion launch had us all burning the candle at both ends. So instead …

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #28: How we decide what to promote

  For today’s Almanac, suggested by Amy, I talk about how we decide what products to endorse, and what is worthy of earning an affiliate link at Sterling & Stone (this is something we are offered on a constant basis, yet rarely expect). If you want to see a full list of what products we […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #27

Hey folks! This week I wanted to talk about something that I’ll be trying out, hoping to continue refining what we do to grow the company (iterative steps forward and all that), inspired by a book I read called The 12 Week Year. I DON’T recommend that you buy the book. But I do hope […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #26: Social Media Update

You’ll notice how many of the Almanac’s lately have been Tara’s social media updates. That’s because A) We’re knee-deep in a LOT of optimization stuff right now that we’ll be sharing with you shortly and B) she’s really kicking ass at it, and it’s awesome to see her document the process (which she’ll be training […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #25: Sean’s Average Work Day

Hey there, and happy Sunday. I made another video for today, this one detailing my current schedule. Amy suggested that I record something where I articulate a day in the life kind of behind the scenes. I’m doing a ton, and it’s probably great to get a peek behind the veil. Great idea. I didn’t […]