Authorpreneur’s Almanac #4

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Authorpreneur’s Almanac #3

This is something new. I made a presentation for the Team. I recorded it in Keynote, which offers me two relevant formats for export: QuickTime and PDF. I can then immediately rip the audio from the video and post that as well. Dave will most likely want to read the PDF; Johnny will most likely want to listen to […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #2

This first edition of The Authorpreneur’s Almanac was comprised of Archer’s initial questions from when he boarded Sterling & Stone as project manager, followed by my responses. This is part two (the conclusion) of that original exchange. Sean, We knocked out a ton of shit with all of the moving parts that you’re gathering together to make something bigger […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #1

I started my online adventure six years ago, lost. There was plenty of information, too much, and I didn’t know where to turn. Copyblogger was my most consistent source of quality information. They helped me sharpen my skills during the earliest months of my online career, and taught me much of what first got me […]

The Authorpreneur’s Almanac

I’m guilty of sometimes mistaking what I wish to be true with what actually is. For too long the three of us were making the same mistake with our broadcasts. We had a lot going on, too much really, and talked about it constantly. And yet, we’ve never really talked about it all in a […]