Authorpreneur’s Almanac #28: How we decide what to promote

  For today’s Almanac, suggested by Amy, I talk about how we decide what products to endorse, and what is worthy of earning an affiliate link at Sterling & Stone (this is something we are offered on a constant basis, yet rarely expect). If you want to see a full list of what products we […]

Why You Need an Email List as a Smarter Artist

You’ve probably heard that you need an email list if you want to be an author, but maybe it’s become a task that you plan to get to “someday.” You might think, “My website has no traffic,” or, “I haven’t published my book yet, who would even want to sign up?” But building an email […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #27

Hey folks! This week I wanted to talk about something that I’ll be trying out, hoping to continue refining what we do to grow the company (iterative steps forward and all that), inspired by a book I read called The 12 Week Year. I DON’T recommend that you buy the book. But I do hope […]

Introducing Sterling and Stone’s Newest Writer, Monica Leonelle

Back in 2011ish, my editor and good friend Matt Gartland couldn’t say enough kind things about a guy who wrote this little blog called Writer Dad (which grew to be not-so-little pretty quickly). Matt probably mentioned the Self-Publishing Podcast to me half a dozen times before I finally decided to tune in, despite not really listening […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #26: Social Media Update

You’ll notice how many of the Almanac’s lately have been Tara’s social media updates. That’s because A) We’re knee-deep in a LOT of optimization stuff right now that we’ll be sharing with you shortly and B) she’s really kicking ass at it, and it’s awesome to see her document the process (which she’ll be training […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #25: Sean’s Average Work Day

Hey there, and happy Sunday. I made another video for today, this one detailing my current schedule. Amy suggested that I record something where I articulate a day in the life kind of behind the scenes. I’m doing a ton, and it’s probably great to get a peek behind the veil. Great idea. I didn’t […]

Photos, Reviews and Thoughts about September’s World-Builder Summit

September 13 and 14 were — no lie — possibly my favorite days of 2014. That Sunday night, after two days with Johnny, Sean, Dave and the other attendees, after dinner with everyone, after chatting for another couple hours with Dave, Monica and Kalvin, I took a few hours totally alone in my hotel room […]

10 Things You Should Know About the Sterling & Stone “Colonist Summit” this April

Writing is pretty great, in my opinion. I love crafting new stories; I love brainstorming new ideas with Sean and Dave; I even love finding new ways to market and share the books we have. And of course I love doing the podcasts. Yes, even Better Off Undead. But my favorite thing of all is […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #24: Sean’s 2014 Reading List

Something different today! In September of last year I started reading. A lot. This was a big deal for me because despite producing millions of words per year, I haven’t read this much since the year my daughter was born. It’s felt like a very welcome return. Because I track many things, I’ve naturally been […]

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #23

Tara Jacobson is awesome. She helps entrepreneurs with their marketing, and has been instrumental in getting us going with our social media initiatives. All that stuff we talked about a few months back? Well, Tara is actually doing it. Today’s Almanac is a video showing an update on her progress. Of course you’re smart enough to have […]