Sterling & Stone (A Story Studio)

Sterling & Stone is home to authors and creative entrepreneurs, Sean Platt, David Wright, and Johnny B. Truant. We are co-hosts of the Self-Publishing and Better Off Undead Podcasts, and write under the Collective Inkwell, Realm & Sands, and Guy Incognito Imprints. This is where we discuss our art, work, and the intersections that help us to creatively thrive.

Introducing Sterling and Stone’s Newest Writer, Monica Leonelle

Back in 2011ish, my editor and good friend Matt Gartland couldn’t say enough kind things about a guy who wrote this little blog called Writer Dad (which grew to be not-so-little pretty quickly). Matt probably mentioned the Self-Publishing Podcast to me half a dozen times before I finally decided to tune in, despite not really listening […]

Colonists Summit Early Bird Registration

I cannot wait for April 18 — actually April 16, because I’m flying in early to experience more of Austin. We would love it if you could join us April 18 and 19, 2015, in Austin, Texas, for our very first Colonists Summit! Early Bird registration — and 25% off the full price — is […]

Introducing the new S&S Studio Manager

You have probably heard my name before — Amy Schubert. I was active in the original Fiction Unboxed forums, I attended the World Building Summit in September, and the guys have mentioned me on a couple recent podcasts. I am the person on the other end of help[at] — some of you may have already […]

What Type of Sterling & Stone Reader Are You?

Sooo … you ran across Sterling & Stone. That’s fantastic. We think that no matter what you’re looking for writing- or reading-wise, you’ll be happy here. We have fiction of all kinds: five whole imprints’ worth of stories of all shapes and sizes, from horror to sci-fi to literature to romance … even stuff for kids. (And, on […]

How We All Met Part II

Looking back to April of 2012, it’s strange to think that there there was a time when I wasn’t meeting with Sean and Dave every week to discuss writing, publishing, and authorpreneurial business-building in front of our large, enthusiastic, kick-ass podcast audience. But that day existed, back when things were very different for all three of us … […]

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #6: How to Format Back Matter in Scrivener

Welcome to the sixth part of the Sterling & Stone Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts video series for self-publishers. Back Matter is even MORE important to your book than Front Matter. Back Matter helps you guide your reader to their first action after finishing your book—up to and including buying your next book or signing up […]

Sterling and Stone Digest: The End!

This is the last Digest we’ll have on the blog. It’s finally going where it really needs to go. And email Sean sent out last week to the Repeaters really sums it up, so we’re throwing in that same message here: Hey there Repeater! Earlier this year we finally launched our umbrella site, Sterling & Stone.  […]

Sterling & Stone Digest #5

I think this week’s hotword for the blog should be PIXAR, but I’d love that to be every week’s hotword, both because it’s a cool-sounding word and because it’s an amazing company. But as we look at all our amazing blog posts this week check out how amazing a creative community Sterling and Stone is […]

Sterling & Stone Digest #4

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard to make this site better and better each and every week. You’ll probably notice some of the little design changes here and there, as well as a definite bump in content quality. We’re really getting on top of things, and I think this week may have been one […]

Sterling & Stone Digest #3

(Week of September 28th – October 3rd) This week was really rocking for Sterling & Stone. I personally got A LOT of work done, and things are starting to get back in line on the site as a whole. On top of that, the blog this week put out some really fantastic posts. Yes, as […]