Sterling & Stone (A Story Studio)

Sterling & Stone is home to authors and creative entrepreneurs, Sean Platt, David Wright, and Johnny B. Truant. We are co-hosts of the Self-Publishing and Better Off Undead Podcasts, and write under the Collective Inkwell, Realm & Sands, and Guy Incognito Imprints. This is where we discuss our art, work, and the intersections that help us to creatively thrive.

Sterling & Stone Digest #2

Ah, it’s good to be back in the saddle, after a week’s vacation. I returned to all kinds of great posts on the site, and playing catchup for this week’s digest was absolutely side-splitting. There was a whole lot of funny on the site this week. But S&S was serious too … sometimes. Authorpreneur’s Almanac […]

Sterling & Stone Digest #1

This digest has been in the works for a long time. We keep putting it off again and again and again. Sean emailed me last Wednesday and asked if I wanted to push it back yet one more time. I put my foot down. No, I swore to myself. We have to get this started, for […]

On Paper This is an Awful Idea

Sterling & Stone’s simple yet ambitious business model is the future of our company. But until today it was like any one of our stories — a great idea that required hard work and reality to manifest its magic. Once upon a time I had a few flower shops. This is a tough business with low profit […]

Why This Community Rocks — and Why the Forums Will, Too

When Fiction Unboxed started, I wasn’t yet working for Sterling & Stone, at least not directly. I was transcribing, and that’s about it. But as an indie author and diehard SPP fan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join in on the Fiction Unboxed fun. As the Kickstarter campaign drew to a close, and […]

Eager to Share All That We’re Building

It’s been an amazing few months. As long as they’ve felt, they’ve also flown right by. Our Kickstarter campaign for Fiction Unboxed felt like it lasted a year, a lot like the ninety days of Dream Engine work compressed into thirty. Before we started the actual unboxing, the seeds of our Sterling & Stone site had already been […]

The Sterling & Stone Logo Design Contest

Sterling & Stone has needed a logo forever. We started an initial design more than two years ago, just before the company’s first version crumbled. It has been a want and in no way a need ever since, and thus has stayed on the back burner. But there’s no doubting a logo’s significance, or its ability to quietly foster […]

The Alchemist, the Architect, and the Artist

Note: This is a copy and paste of the About page. If you’ve already read that, there’s nothing new here. 🙂 WELCOME TO STERLING & STONE, home to Sean, Dave, and Johnny — known around these parts as “the alchemist,” “the architect,” and “the artist.” Nothing is more important to us than our readers. Without […]

Welcome to Sterling & Stone: 6 Years in the Making

I’ve been waiting six years for today, I just didn’t know it until a couple of months ago.  On July 17, 2008 I started my first website “Writer Dad” to do something I’d never done: write for an audience.  I didn’t tell anyone when I started writing, because I was embarrassed — writing was a poor […]