How to Muffle Your Muse (And Actually Sell Some Books)

Of course authors want to sell books. Unfortunately — even though the advice is long in the tooth — doing so isn’t as simple as “write what you want and readers will find you.” Too often, conventional writing advice will suggest that writers simply follow their muse, to write from their hearts and wait for […]

The Three Biggest Surprises When Starting (or Attempting) a Daily Writing Habit

Back in August of 2013, I had to face the facts. I had learned to write very fast (at speeds over 3000 words an hour, under the right conditions), but I still wasn’t drafting and publishing much content. There were two problems: I was writing faster, but I wasn’t writing often. When I looked at […]

How Do You Use Scrivener? (And How *Should* You?)

I (Monica) will be the first to admit that I don’t know much about Scrivener, even though I’ve been using it since around 2011. I bought it for two reasons: #1 – Its organizational tools, specifically for the nifty notecard view you can toggle to with a simple CMD+2. I love dividing my chapters into […]

Colonists Summit Early Bird Registration

I cannot wait for April 18 — actually April 16, because I’m flying in early to experience more of Austin. We would love it if you could join us April 18 and 19, 2015, in Austin, Texas, for our very first Colonists Summit! Early Bird registration — and 25% off the full price — is […]

This is Why Erotica Readers Are Happier People

Lexi tells us why people read erotica and why more people should. Her view on sex is honest and straightforward, and the way she views your craft, as well as sex and life, is very refreshing. In this post, she tells just a little more of her story, as well as where she’d like to see erotica go in the future. If you’ve been wondering what Johnny and Sean saw in Lexi to invite her into the S&S fold, this post can probably answer it all.

Beats 2.0

If Sterling & Stone had a word-of-the-day calendar (and if instead of giving you a new word each day, it gave you one each year — shitty calendar, I know), 2014’s word would be “iterative.” About a zillion times lately, in private conversation and in interviews, the three of us have said the word “iterative” […]

10 Stupid Moments That Shaped Our Stories

Sean and I are often asked where we get our story ideas. The long answer involves looking all around us at the lives we’ve lived and themes we’ve pondered. The shorter answer is that Dave gives us pretty much all of them. The rest usually show up in the form of challenges, with Sean sending […]

How to be Awesome

I was at the gym the other day and a guy I see there all the time asked me what I did for a living. I wasn’t sure what to tell him. I go to the gym at around noon on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Pretty much everyone who sticks to a gym routine is […]

Sample Flash Fiction (Plus Edits and Comments!)

To promote Fiction Unboxed before it launched, we held a short story (flash fiction, really) contest on the SPP blog. Based on our story prompts post, “11 Stories You Can Tell Before Dinnertime,“ we asked Repeaters to pick a prompt, write a story that totaled no more than a thousand words, and paste it into the comments. We […]

How to Write Faster (Sean’s 3-Step Flow)

NOTE: This post first appeared on The Self-Publishing Podcast two months before Fiction Unboxed. It, and the rest of this week’s first-thing-in-the-morning-posts to follow are a great refresher. Enjoy!  Blah blah blah, we write a lot of words. You might be sick of hearing that, or maybe you’re inspired. We get both reactions. But even […]