A Special Unboxed Offer

Fiction UnboxedFiction Unboxed is finally finished, and we’re celebrating with a very special offer.

It was difficult to come up with the original price for our project. We had a good idea of what we thought that Unboxed should be, but no true frame of reference. We hadn’t ever done anything like it before, and to our knowledge neither had anyone one else in world.

Before we knew what we had, back when Unboxed was a Kickstarter project, we thought $49 seemed about right for everything we wanted to offer. It was a lot less than either Johnny or I would have paid for the experience ourselves, and we figured if Dave thought it was a good deal, too (he did), then we were in excellent shape.

We are devout disciples of giving our earliest and most eager fans the very best deal that we can. If we were going to charge $49 for regular backers, surely our “early birds” should get an even better deal. So we charged $39 for the first 200 backers to buy into Unboxed.

We raised the price once the project moved off of Kickstarter and onto its own domain. We had to. Not only is this basic business sense, to escalate the price after a period of exclusivity, rewarding our Kickstarter backers with the very best deal was absolutely the right thing to do. Whether you were an early bird or a regular backer, if you funded the campaign you paid less than the $59 and walked away with more rewards.

Our intention was always to keep Fiction Unboxed at $59 until the project was fully finished. Once done, we could organize the assets so that they were easy to consume and relaunch the project at its regular price of $89. That time is almost now.

If you’ve not yet experienced Fiction Unboxed and still want to, now is your final chance to get everything inside the box before the price goes up forever. If you’re one of those people who have been talking about the project nonstop since it started, we also have a very special offer for existing Unboxers who would love to unbox with a friend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an existing Unboxer but would like to access Unboxed on this site (you probably will because your assets will be easy to find and all in one place) then you must register here. You will have to go through the payment process, but will not be charged.

Existing Unboxers, sign up FREE Fiction Unboxed access on Sterling & Stone.

If you haven’t Unboxed but want to, get Fiction Unboxed before the price goes up to $89 this Sunday, August 3.

Existing Unboxers who want to share Unboxed with a friend, get your friend a discount on Fiction Unboxed (just $29 until this Sunday, August 3).

NOTE: The “Unbox With a Friend” Page will only be visible if you have already signed up for Unboxed access, here at Sterling & Stone by clicking on the first link.

Thanks for Unboxing!

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Sean Platt is an author entrepreneur, founder of Sterling & Stone, and co-founder of the Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints. Follow him on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.


  1. I’m sure FU will be found for many years to come, and prove itself over and over.

    I’ve definitely loved being a part of the live experience, but it will be valuable to anyone at any time, and when FU 1.5 & 2 comes around, there’ll perhaps be even more attending those. Who knows?

    Exciting to see what the future brings, for sure 🙂

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