SPP187 Rescue Your Writing Career

Self Publishing Podcast

While ‘rescue’ is probably too harsh a word, but for this episode, Johnny, Sean, and Dave will be taking a look at how to recalibrate your writing career. NaNoWriMo is over, and it’s inevitable that you’ll take a look back over the year and think about what you’ve done, or haven’t done. But it’s not the time to get down on yourself; instead, THIS is the time to rethink what you’ve done, figure out what went well, and what you can do better.

  • A preview of another short series podcast for the Sterling and Stone Network called Iterate and Optimize
  • Something cool: Sean’s new underground book, Johnny’s new favorite zombie book in third person present tense, Dave loves Fallout 4
  • How the guys stepped back and took a look at Collective Inkwell, and have re-thought it
  • Advice on having stories ready to go as you’re writing more; build a queue
  • Get your shit together!!! Dave talks about his health scare and re-working his schedule
  • Declare email bankruptcy
  • REMEMBER: Wherever you are right now, that’s the best place to start!
  • It’s important to know when to pull the plug, especially on a series. The guys give examples of when to take the painful step of letting go.
  • It’s also important to know when to prioritize and set something aside, and what to focus on.


  1. Excellent podcast! I recently found you guys and love it. I particularly liked the part about being over 40, as I have a good friend in almost that exact situation.

  2. Great podcast, as usual. Most of the advice you’ve been giving in this episode applies appropriately to other types of freelancers, like myself. Especially the prioritizing, and having to drop what doesn’t work, even if you love it.

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