SPP192 Grow Your List While Building Your Readership with Derek Webb of NoiseTrade

Self Publishing Podcast

Today, the SPP guys talk with NoiseTrade’s Derek Webb about building your readership and growing that all-important list. Also, bad jokes.

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  • Something cool: Mint.com is Sean’s new awesome thing; Dave loves Fargo season 2; Johnny’s loves a book! Surprise! This time, it’s a book he already read and is catching all the things he missed the first time.
  • Derek is a ‘blue-collar’ musician, with a small but loyal following. He tells the story of how he created NoiseTrade to support musicians, and how he crossed over to books.
  • How does the NoiseTrade geo-targeting data work for authors? Derek shares his thoughts about engaging based on data.
  • Free is a tough concept for some artists to swallow. Derek addresses what a wide-open market means for new artists. Think 1,000 true fans.
  • Derek shares how new artists can use NoiseTrade to geo-target their true fans, and make a good living.
  • There are variances in audiences of musicians, authors, and other creatives. Derek explains some of the major differences he’s seen.
  • A cautionary story from the music labels that chased their listeners down with lawyers for pirating.
  • …but even now, traditional publishers are making that same mistake.
  • Derek’s vision of the future for indie publishers.
  • The best preparation you can have for the future is to ‘dig a tunnel under Amazon.’
  • How to win when you put your work on NoiseTrade, best practice, and what to expect.


  1. My question is, how do we get on the email list Noisetrade sends out? I’ve had my book up for free on Noisetrade forever (years) and haven’t seen much of anything.

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