SPP193 Social Media Mastery with Tara Jacobsen

Self Publishing Podcast

Social media has been something the guys at Sterling and Stone haven’t pursued a lot, but that’s changing. The value of social media is obvious, so today, they talk with social media expert Tara Jacobsen. Are you guilty of some of the biggest mistakes authors make?

  • Something cool: Dave is reading fiction by Jason Gurley; Johnny is moving; Sean had too many cool things, but the coolest was going to see Hateful 8.
  • Tara Jacobsen joins the guys and answer the biggest question: what should authors be doing on social media to promote their books. It comes down to who’s reading your books.
  • Where basic genres’ audiences are located
  • The magic of hashtags – did you know that #horrorfan is a thing?
  • How to make social media fit into YOUR schedule
  • How to get real outcomes from your time on social media
  • Tara’s mission for this podcast is to get the most listens ever for any of her interviews as a test
  • In selling books vs. selling yourself: what’s the difference and why does it matter?
  • Stephen King and Dean Koontz – their promises about dog murder
  • Time is a big consideration for which social media platforms: Tara explains, including where to go if you hate everyone
  • Are you making some of the biggest mistakes authors make?
  • Think visuals aren’t necessary for social media? Think again!
  • Things that make indie publishing look bad and ‘cheesy’
  • How writing in genres affect your social media
  • A really simple way to grow big networks that is simple as a mouse click
  • How to get visibility on social media without spamming
  • How to use viral and salacious stories to get out of the Facebook rut
  • Tara breaks down why Sean’s original social media failed
  • Next, Tara breaks down what the guys are doing wrong RIGHT NOW
  • If you’re a mad content creator, here’s how to get it out into the world
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  1. Enjoyed the podcast. I haven’t used Get Edgar, and don’t use a virtual assistant, but one of you had asked if someone else can “do the social networking” for you, because you hate it – I’ve seen where virtual assistants can do that. LinkedIn is a good place to find one, I’d think. But if you have an admin team on board already, why can’t they just load your posts into the various platforms? Maybe after it’s posted you’ll feel alright about responding if people ask you questions or offer feedback via the medias.

  2. Tara,

    How should people use Pages vs their personal accounts to share?

    For our business we (my wife/partner and I) post most of our blog posts, tips, videos, and links to other things we want to share onto the Page first, then each of us shares it at least once that day.

    We also post plenty of things just from our personal page as a way to get more people interested in us, since the page tends to get so much less engagement than in the past.

    Does this jive?


  3. Also curious if you have experience with Facebook ads for non-fiction.

    I tried if for a while, but barely broke even but with A LOT of work.

    It seems for fiction, there are a lot of people doing well, but non-fiction seems tougher.

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