SPP194 Goals, Resolutions, and Kicking Ass in the New Year

Self Publishing Podcast

Today, the guys talk about their goals and resolutions for 2016. Dave was strangely enthusiastic.

  • Something cool: Sean’s new fav book is ‘Level Up Your Life,’ Johnny’s is the Smarter Artist Summit and his new Fitbit, and Sean stole Dave’s cool thing.
  • The guys talk goals, and how you can train your brain to disvalue your goals.
  • The ‘new Dave’ agrees, and a lot of his success is coming from new habits and goals
  • You need to ask WHY your goal is important to you
  • Sean talks about how to measure your progress, which is incredibly important
  • Sean’s planking story
  • The guys take a look at their goals from 2014 and how they did in 2015, including StoryShop
  • Having a big goal you look at daily can help make it happen
  • Some of Sean’s personal goals that include not meeting with Johnny
  • Two GREAT goals are to train yourself to say no, and to ask for things you want
  • Sean says munchable chunks
  • More of Sterling and Stone’s goals, and how well they did
  • Two screenplays and plans for the podcast network


  1. Fun episode! I actually started reading “Level Up Your Life” last week and have been enjoying it. Great minds think… or read… alike.

  2. Delfy Hall says:

    I got a Jawbone for the new year and the Idle Alert is my favorite feature.

  3. The idea is for the Smarter Artist Summit to be a yearly event if all goes well, right? I can’t make it this year, but am already thinking about 2017. I know Sean has a plan 🙂

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