SPP199 How to work on multiple project

Self Publishing Podcast


The guys try out Blab for the second time! Make sure to tune in live and subscribe to upcoming shows.

Today, the guys talk about how it’s important to know yourself and how you work to help increase your productivity. Johnny’s in the process of moving, and he’s having trouble getting stuff done. What about you? Are you lazy, or are you maxed out?

  • Something cool: Dave’s grammaw muff; Sean saw Birdman and hates it a little less; Johnny’s excited about SPP200; Dave cusses in an email and gets reprimanded
  • How Johnny and Sean collaborate – what was a one-time fix for a high pressure situation has become the norm
  • Learning how and when to use a ‘B’ story to compliment your ‘A’ story
  • It’s important to know yourself and when you’re at your best – or not.
  • Dave’s brain wiring and how he wants to write whatever he’s not currently writing
  • Understanding whether you’re being lazy or preserving quality is important
  • Just like you have an A and B story, you should also have an A project and a B project to bounce between to keep yourself fresh
  • A few live listener questions!


  1. I agree 100% on Dave’s response to the cussing. I also listened to TWD, where he went more in depth.

    I would point out that books can be written without real OR fake swear words and still be true to you and your characters. While no one actually yells “gosh darn” or “oh heck” when they’re in a bind or danger, you can write in a way that leaves out that type of response entirely. They can scream, growl, roar, or whatever, eliminating the need to use the ‘foul language.’

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should do that, but many books do it. Until just a few years ago, virtually every tv show did it. There’s a market for books with foul language and those without, and that reader needs to realize it. You boys don’t need to change. …well, not that, anyway. 😉

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